I think the island is actually a spaceship that crash-landed into the ocean thousands of years ago. Am I missing something? Did one of the producers dispel this theory because I haven’t seen anyone talking about it?

Let me explain. Let’s say the spaceship crashed into the ocean, arbitrarily around 6000 BC. Assume for a moment that it was a community ship for a race that was expanding its civilization. Unfortunately something went wrong. There may have been a power struggle, mutiny and a series of system failures to bring it down. During the struggle and the crash landing, many of the scientists and highly educated were killed. It is possible that the race doesn’t possess the ability to get their ship back into flight and their home civilization lost contact with them for so long that they veered way off course and now they are the ones that are LOST. After thousands and thousands of years, the ship started to resemble an island.

If this seems farfetched, just think about how we are advanced enough to fly around our planet, however if a plane had system failures, veered way off track and crashed on a random unknown island, the survivors may still never be found and they may not possess the ability to get themselves back to civilization.

Now I’ve always thought that MIB was the individual in charge of security. This is why he doesn’t like outsiders coming to the island. The more I think about it though (and if you assume the island is a ship) he may actually be the ships security system. That is, he may be a machine of some sort, which is why he is obligated to follow such strict rules and is looking for “loopholes”.

Jacob may not necessarily be a priest for the society as many would think (although he may actually be a doctor, this would tie in nicely with Jack as the head of the Oceanic survivors and Jacob as head of his crash landing survivors). The society may just be highly advanced and things that seem like miracles to us today are common to them. Think of if you went back to the start of civilizations, the simple things like how to properly treat a wound would seem like miracles. Now imagine if you’re a doctor, you would seem like a God to them. Now Jacob is very interested in the human race, for good or bad is yet to be determined (after all, it’s a matter of perspective) and this poses a threat to MIB because of Jacob’s interest in bringing them to the island. If MIB is a machine, then it would make sense that he doesn’t have a name. Part of the programming may be that MIB can take the form (through the use of their advanced technology) of any individual that is dead as long as it advances the security of the ship.

The ship would have to have fuel cells or some sort because, as theoretical physicist Dr. Kaku says in regards to time travel (and possibly space travel using wormholes), “the main problem is one of energy. In the same way that a car needs gasoline, a time machine needs to have fabulous amounts of energy. One either has to harness the power of a star, or to find something called “exotic” matter (which falls up, rather than down) or find a source of negative energy. (Physicists once thought that negative energy was impossible. But tiny amounts of negative energy have been experimentally verified for something called the Casimir effect, i.e. the energy created by two parallel plates).”

It is possible that the energy produced is a type of magnetic force as espoused by Michael Faraday in the 1800’s. He discovered that a magnetic force can alter light - a concept now known as the Faraday Effect. It can also produce an immense amount of power and energy. Also, it is believed that magnets have healing attributes. Some people wear magnets in their shoes because they believe it improves their health (if you don’t believe me, just Google “Healing power of magnets”).

This is just a start, there is so much more that could be tied in, such as the “Egyptian” monument, the temple, etc. I’ve got another theory on the time shifts, but I need to do a little more research to tighten up the quantum physics of it all.

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