Hey everybody, there are a LOT of Kate-haters on this site, and so I felt moved to post about why I think we should still give her a chance.

I'll admit, I sat down to write a list of "Reasons to like Kate" and couldn't think of any... if she wasn't so damn cute, she'd really have no redeeming qualities. She's probably the most selfish out of every character on the show. HOWEVER, here's why we should give her a shot: she's starting to come around.

If we believe her reasoning, taking Aaron was probably the pinnacle of selfish things she's done: SHE needed HIM, not the other way around. But she figured that out eventually, and made the right decision. And, if we believe her, she only wants to go back to the Island to find Claire and bring her back to safety, to be with her child. Chew on that: she really does not like the Island, and is willing to do something completely crazy and unselfish to set things right. And that same reasoning is the only thing that changed her mind about setting off the bomb! Think about the four characters involved in those scenes: Jack, Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate. Why does Jack want to blow it up? To change everything because his life sucks so bad, boo hoo hoo. Why does Juliet want to nuke everyone? Because Sawyer still loves Kate, boo hoo hoo. Sawyer didn't want to, but he totally pussed out because of Juliet rejecting him. Finally, there's Kate: Jack convinces her it will put Claire back on the plane with Aaron in her belly, to live life how she wants to. Where will Kate be on that plane? In handcuffs. But she finally relents when she remembers her mission to bring mom and child together again. Not very selfish now, is she?

And who gave her blood to save little Ben Linus, when pretty much everyone else (except Juliet) was ready to let him die? Who took him to the Others to heal him? Kate is super-duper annoying only because her character has taken the longest to change in personality. I remember hating Sawyer's GUTS the first and part of the second season for what selfish dick he was, but he's changed. I hated Jack for a long, long time, but now he's finally come to accept his lot in life and has been much more tolerable.

So please, give Kate a chance. Maybe Damon and Carlton love her so much because they know that some unselfish thing she does in Season 6 will save everybody else!

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