I was reading various posts and it seems that many people think the most useless flashback of the series was the one where Jack gets his tattoo. It was given to him by a woman who had "visions" and could tell a person's true nature. The words apparently say "He walks among us but he is not one of us." Soon after getting this tattoo, children flee from him in terror and the locals beat the shit out of him, as if he were a despicable, evil man.

So, putting all this together... doesn't this sound an AWFUL lot like a certain Man in Black we know? "He walks among us but is not one of us"... can you imagine if Locke had that tattoo? These forums would be lit up by people going OF COURSE, IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! THAT WOMAN KNEW HE'D BECOME NEMESIS!

I'm not saying that Jack is Nemesis, or even that he will become Nemesis, but still... I'd like to think that the writers of the show did everything for a reason. What do you guys think? Will this tattoo connect to some significant event in Season Six, or was it just a nice little story the writers wanted to tell about one of their characters?

Also, forgive me if someone has made this connection already.

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