Ben has shown himself from childhood to be one cunning little son of a gun; he snuck through the sonic fence at least once (one time he met Richard), and he staged Sayid's breakout using that flaming van. However, he seemed like a pretty sweet kid; he was just lonely and abused, and wanted to escape from his horrible father.

I'm wondering if, when Richard took him to the Temple to be healed, his dire warning that Ben would "never be the same again" actually means that whatever healed him also somehow affected his personality, making him a much darker person. Maybe the price for regaining life is that you are warped by whatever forces lurk beyond the Temple walls.

And if this is the case, can ANY of Ben's "bad" actions really be blamed completely on him? He's done some awful stuff, but would he always have turned out this way, even without his Temple visit?

As a follow up question, if we take the above to be true, did Sayid effectively create the very monster that would use him as a personal soldier all those years later? (Oh sweet, delicious irony!)

As a follow-follow up, if the Monster is what healed Ben, and the Monster is closely connected to or actually IS Nemesis, then does that mean that Nemesis has been controlling Ben for much longer than we originally thought? Maybe that's why Jacob's been ignoring him!

This has bothered me for a while, I just wanna hear some of your thoughts.

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