As the title states, Hero began an excellent discussion about Jack's overall character transformation by the end of the series, and whether or not it was all positive:

So, I'd like to expand the discussion from just Jack to other characters as well: Who was a better person by the end of Lost, and whose transformations were overall positive or negative?

As a starter: Locke grew a lot during his time on the Island; he learned to be a leader, he was a caring and a good man, and I think ultimately he overcame much of his dependency on others' approval (i.e., his father). However, he was still gullible (Ben led him around pretty easily most of the time) and while ultimately it turned out that his faith in the Island was indeed for a good cause ("Saving the World") he never actually KNEW this before he died... meaning that he got quite a few people killed pursuing something blindly, rather than based upon solid evidence.

Okay, take it away!

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