I've noticed that people have generally interpreted this line as Jacob's affirmation of Ben's unimportance to him (and it seems Ben interpreted it this way as well).

However, it seems to me that there's something about the way Jacob says it, and a kind of look in his eye, that makes it different than just a callous dismissal. It sounds almost like a sigh... there is a kind of sadness in it, like he's seen this kind of reaction before, confronted by people that simply do not understand their place in the larger scheme of things. For me, it sort of changes the meaning from a snarky "What about you is so special anyway, Ben?" to "Why don't you take a good long look at yourself, Ben, and you'll find the answer without my help."

What do you guys think? Does anyone else feel that, after being built up as a caring, godlike figure with a master plan, they wouldn't just have Jacob suddenly be a jerk for no reason to the man about to kill him?

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