• Quakerpimp

    As the title states, Hero began an excellent discussion about Jack's overall character transformation by the end of the series, and whether or not it was all positive:

    So, I'd like to expand the discussion from just Jack to other characters as well: Who was a better person by the end of Lost, and whose transformations were overall positive or negative?

    As a starter: Locke grew a lot during his time on the Island; he learned to be a leader, he was a caring and a good man, and I think ultimately he overcame much of his dependency on others' approval (i.e., his father). However, he was still gullib…

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  • Quakerpimp

    So, let's look on the bright side about not having many definite answers to some of the big mysteries: we all still get to discuss our OWN ideas!

    Eh? Eh?! Perhaps I am too much of an optimist.

    Anyway, given that:

    -The Smoke Monster has been shown to be able to split himself into multiple entities, and -The Sickness that seemed to possess some of the characters in the show (Sayid, Claire, Montand and crew) has always been closely associated with the Smoke Monster, and -One's body temporarily losing possession of one's Consciousness has been shown possible in the Lost universe,

    I'd like to put forth the theory that the Smoke Monster had found a way to somehow partially inhabit and possess people who's Consciousnesses were temporarily lost throug…

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  • Quakerpimp

    Jacob told Jack, Hurley, Kate, and Sawyer that he chose people to bring to the Island who were like him: alone and flawed.

    However, if we are assuming that Jacob's touch is what brings people to the Island, and that he can reverse his decision about Candidates whenever he chooses (like Kate when she became a mother)... why the HELL did he take Sayid back?!?!?

    Sayid, who had finally found the ONE THING he wanted all along... Nadia! He WASN'T alone and flawed anymore... he had given up his past life to finally, finally rest and be with the one thing that had driven him all along. He no longer fit Jacob's reasons for choosing the Candidates, so why wasn't his name crossed off the wall?

    WORSE, if we are assuming his touch somehow caused Nadia to …

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  • Quakerpimp

    I have an idea pertaining to the Smoke Monster as a character I'd like to see what you guys think about. This post puts for a lot of ideas and I'm sorry if it rambles a bit but stay with me.

    So we know now that the seeming source of the Monster was the Light. Mother described the Light as a balance of all the forces in the world, including death, birth, rebirth, etc. She also seemed to describe it as a Source of Power, something that Mankind could harness and do both wonderful and terrible things with. She herself seems to be able to tap into it, and perhaps whatever ritual she performed with Jacob allowed him to tap into it as well.

    So Jacob in his fit of anger knocks out his brother, MiB, and sends him into the Light. Moments later, the Sm…

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  • Quakerpimp


    May 5, 2010 by Quakerpimp

    Sawyer's gonna feel pretty bad when he wakes up...

    Anybody else think he's gonna start following Jack a lot more closely now?

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