Sometimes a large epic ends up being about a particular character, one you might not think of. Let me relay for analogy my Star Wars experience. Was a kid when the first three were coming out, waiting in line for hours for Return of the Jedi. I was not so impressed with Episode I, saw a bit of II, and hadn't seen III when I figured I'd rent the whole set and watch it with my daughters.

I changed my mind, and in the end of Episode III, while there were flaws getting there, it was as if I'd seen the end of a single movie. I recognized many subplots as part of the world, and narrative, but really it all because clear. My idea as a kid that star wars was about the Rebels, or the hero characters evaporated and I realized why I had the five foot tall poster of Darth Vader, not Luke Skywalker. The story, of course, is all about the villain.

Lost is all about the villian. Granted, it's about lots of things, and though they end up in an afterlife... that's season six, that's the denouement, but the series over all is about something else. I think the final scene in the real narative, is not the eye closing, but the pan away from Locke-MiB on the cliffs. This story goes chronologically from Across the Sea to The End, and every season fits in between, every season has the MiB in some form, influencing and acting.

Lost was about MiB, the injustices he suffered, and the ironic nature of his reaction. "Beware when fighting monsters, lest you become on yourself". Mom-murderer is a monster, there is no two ways about that. Don't argue... if you don't see how monsterous what she did was... I can't understand it, and if you forgive it with "ends justify the means"... well they don't, and besides, what were the good ends? The rest of that nietzsche quote is, "And when you gaze into the abyss, remember also that the abyss gazes into you."

I do not think Lost is "jacks story"... it has "jack's story" in it, and a lot of other stories, but overall, it is MiB's story imo.

what you think.

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