Something has occurred to me, while reading Knowing Lost, which was that John Locke wanted answers about the island. When the gods of Lost, the producers, chose what to do with Locke, and his quest for answers, they chose to asnwer that "the answers don't matter, there are only more questions which don't pertain to your fate", which in the case of Locke was being manipulated and conned in his quest for answers. Also, Locke arguably only had one important question he wanted answered, and that was "Am I Special?"... this, we see, is illuminated as a very bad question, because each of us is special, but not always in the way we wanted to be.

Locke was special alright, especially gullible and easily manipulated into violent faith-based certainty. But that's the irony, Locke had faith, but he wanted answers, and what he largely had faith in is that there were answers. He was wrong, and died unfulfilled. We that wanted answers are Locke, and faith does not help when you lack answers.

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