As I have posted previously it occured to me that the island would be a cool place to use for an interactive fiction world. I have put up the first public revision of these efforts... note, this is for the curious and early adopters only. I had merely gotten far enough with the Inform 7 language that I wanted to see about publishing it using Parchment, a Google Code project which converts Z-code into javascript. You don't have to know all that, just that it's an interactive text world using the Lost universe. You are desmond, and in the hatch with Kelvin (somewhere). A lot is missing, I have not added conversations. I'll tell you what goes on, which might be useful as it's so raw it might not be obvious, and it might not be clear where exits are and things like this. Still, you can get an idea from playing:

Now for details so you can see the flaws as incomplete parts, as I'm just learning this language and system (I'm a programmer, but not of this language which is quite unique and interesting in it's own right. In fact, one of my interests in this is really this language, Inform7, and this is a way to make an application and learn it. Lostpedia is great because if you wonder "was that north or east of the beach" and "what did they say again"... the answers are here and I can focus on how the system works. And it's fun to be transported into Lost by the power of text plus imagination.

--Level Design--

You are desmond, the counter is on 10 minutes and every turn is one minute. At four minutes the alarm will sound. If you don't put the numbers in the computer at before -4 on the counter (though it'll be described hopefully as showing hieroglyphics), then you violate WHH and go to the void (die in most games, but I guess in this one you can play after you die). You have the numbers in your inventory, you can say "type 4 8 15 16 23 42" into the computer, or just "put the numbers in the computer".

During these first turns waiting for the counter, if you wander around you'll find Kelvin is in the corridor working on the mural there. After you enter the numbers he stirs, goes to the bunk bed area to put on a hazmat suit (which is ripped if you look). At this point I will insert the conversation from the correct episode with some variablity. He then leaves the swan, and you can follow him to a small bay with The Elizabeth. There are no exit information notices outside the Swan at the moment, so it's annoying if you just wander there yourself at the moment, you're warned.

At the Elizabeth Desmond (you) will confront and kill Kelvin. You realize the timer must be almost out and have to run back to the Swan where the counter is at Hieroglyphic. You have to put the numbers in again.

I think after that, you have to find the keys and open the gun vault and get the gun and intend to kill yourself (the vault, the keys, and the gun in the vault are all in the current version). I don't know how to do that exactly but the player will have to know the only way out for this character is to kill themselves, when they try... instead they hear banging and go turn on the light. The scene will end and you will be another character in some other set of scenes.

What do you think and who wants to help.

PS: the guy that made the google code for playing these did it to make them easier to play, and also bring some web features (like CSS based typographical ability)... also, perhaps someday the ability for more than one people in the same story at once, which would be cool.


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