Great Idea?

Anyone remember Zork or the interactive text version of The Hitchikers Guide? These sorts of games are no commercial anymore (so far as I know) but the tools to make them are free and open source. I was reading Lostpedia regarding DHARMA stations, and it was talking about this was north of that, etc, and I was thinking how fun it was getting those bits of information. And when people complain of no answers (which I do too in a way but...) it's pretty revealing how we have pretty reliable maps. And in a text game you only need the rough estimate anyway, it's much more like the geometry of a story than the geography of a physical place.

These games work by describing the place your in, allowing you to do think ("light dynamite") and move to adjacent descriptions. Usually there are puzzles that once you have access to more of the whole map.For these puzzles we could use thing from the show, creating new ones might happen but would not be the point... instead we'd capture the island as an interactive map.

There are single-player tools which I have in mind, but it would also be cool to do it in an online multiple user mode (i.e. as a MOO or MUD). I havn't looked into this stuff recently though I used to play these games (hitchhikers is available online free, I suggest it)... if anyone is interested or especially if you know about this sort of technology, leave a comment.


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