do i believe that lost will answer all the mythological questions burning in our

do i want them to......not all of is something i love about an unsolved mystery :)

do i think there is more to lost than just a mystery...yes

do i think that we will be satisfied in the end.....yes

to me lost has been about more than just a mysterious island.

although lost is a science fiction show i believe every ounce of lost has been a metaphor for the events within our very non fiction lives.

much like is full of mysteries and many of them will never be solved.

the characters we have come to know and love will be making choices based on the events that have shaped them as people......will they choose good or evil?....and why are the lines between the two so blurry? the man in black says that everyone is corruptible because it is in their very nature to be bad. but who or what decides what is good and bad?

lost isnt about any one religion (numerous religions are referenced but the writers arent holding one as being the ultimate truth). in my opinion lost is about people and life and how we arent perfect and we dont always make the right choices. its about how every event in our lives, every decision we make and every person we influence potentially changes our lives and the lives of others.

we spent the first few seasons getting to know the characters...their mannerisms, their behaviors, and what makes them tick. the writers have blurred the lines between what is good and bad and who defines that. they have made us love the bad guy and hate the good guy and vice versa. they have taught us that people are just people and that we are made up by the thoughts we think, the actions we make, and the people we influence.

just like everything the show will end and I wont measure the quality by the ending alone.....just as i wouldnt want to be measured as a person by my last days alone.

i will remember the show by the way it has influenced me and by the thoughts it has provoked. i had fun using my brain while watching tv for a change.

its been about the journey and not the destination.

in my opinion lost will go down in history as one of the most intelligent and thought provoking shows ever......regardless of how it ends.

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