• PurpleJean4

    the final stretch

    April 1, 2010 by PurpleJean4

    do i believe that lost will answer all the mythological questions burning in our

    do i want them to......not all of is something i love about an unsolved mystery :)

    do i think there is more to lost than just a mystery...yes

    do i think that we will be satisfied in the end.....yes

    to me lost has been about more than just a mysterious island.

    although lost is a science fiction show i believe every ounce of lost has been a metaphor for the events within our very non fiction lives.

    much like is full of mysteries and many of them will never be solved.

    the characters we have come to know and love will be making choices based on the events that have shaped them as people......will they choose good or evil?…

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  • PurpleJean4


    Horcruxes are to Voldemort as Electromagnetic pockets are to MIB.

    This would explain why the island isnt finished with Des, because he needs to destroy these horcruxes...err I mean electromagnetic pockets. The rules don't apply to him and he has already shown he is capable of destroying one electromagnetic pocket (swan station).

    So if they destroy all the electromagnetic pockets, they will destroy MIB.

    Everyone might die in the process, but thats OK because they will live on in the flash-sideways.

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  • PurpleJean4

    How come Ethan wasn't on the submarine (1977) in the original time line? Baby Miles and Young Charlotte were both on the submarine with their mothers in the original time line. So we know that a submarine with women and children left the island in both time lines prior to the incident (and that some type of event known as "the incident" occurred in both time lines). What would have kept Amy from leaving the island w/ Ethan in the first time line that didn't keep them from getting on it in the second? I know that at some unknown point of time Ethan became an Other leaving Dharmaville like Ben did, but Ethan was only a baby in 1977 so he was still in his mother and fathers care.

    I know I said in a previous blog post that I would try to co…

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    Qui Gon's body.

    February 10, 2010 by PurpleJean4

    If MIB is "claiming" the bodies of Sayid, Locke, Christian, Claire etc. then how come Lockes original body is the only one in tact? and more importantly....Do we need to know?

    We have heard Lucas and fans give us numerous "reasons" for Qui Gon's body not disappearing like Yoda, and Obi Wan, but nonetheless its always bothered my very attentive to detail brain. I can't help but think it was a slip....and that a back pedal story was created after all our curious, detailed minds said...."hey how come Qui Gon's body didnt disappear".

    Perhaps the writers/producers are referencing Star Wars with this whole Lockes body question. Also setting us up for possible slips in the writing and unanswered questions. I mean they can't possibly seam up eve…

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