• Pureguava

    If you take a critical look at all of the castaways, they are all damaged, tormented people that have done bad things that they deeply regret.

    Sun - Cheated on her husband, lied Jin - Lied about his father, worked as muscle for Sun's father Sayid - Torturer Shannon - Greedy user of people Boone - In love with his sister Sawyer - Con man Kate - Murdered father, caused the death of Tom. Charlie - Junkie Hurley - Stole winning lotery numbers from a mental patient Analucia - Murderer Eko - Killer, druglord Desmond - Coward Claire - Almost killed her mother Michael - Poor relationship with his son, feels extreme guilt, is a victim, and it drives him insane. Locke - Obsessed about being taken advantage of, costs him the woman he loves, criples him.

    And Jack - Turned his father…

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