• Prometheus1980


    June 6, 2009 by Prometheus1980

    After some discussion yesterday on another blog I ended up by re-watching the incident, and just as it was about to finish it hit me… what happens to Richard now that Jacob is dead. I mean will he just become mortal, age and die, or will he wither like a prone now that Jacob is no longer alive?

    We know Jacob made Richard the way his is, but does Jacob somehow main Richard young or is it the work of some other factor on the island?

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  • Prometheus1980

    There is one thing that has been bugging me since I watched the season 5 final; we can all agree that Ben is an intelligent and manipulative person. He has manipulated everyone he needed in order to get what he wanted. So how come he did not see the manipulation he was being submitted to by F-Locke? Ben, is after all, who better knows what the Island can and can’t do (not including Richard), so why on earth, or on the island, did he not suspect something was wrong when Locke started to walk around like nothing had happened? And why did he let himself get manipulated into killing Jacob?

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