As I was responding to another post about "Recon", something occured to me:

I agreed with someone else that perhaps it was Desmond behind the locked door in the submarine. I justified this by saying that Desmond had sworn to Penny (twice) that he was never going back to the island and I believed him. But, that doesn't mean that he couldn't be taken there by force.

So, let's assume Widmore has brought ol' Des along. What would be the point of that? How would Widmore make use of Desmond's talent? What struck me earlier today was how many people don't seem to be enjoying the FST storylines. Personally, I'm loving them and I'm enjoying seeing their impact on the OT. That's what got me to thinking about Desmond. It seems whatever happens in the FST stories causes a similar outcome in the OT on the island. Up to now, I had been assuming that eventually these two timelines would converge. But, if that were to happen, Desmond would be left out in the cold.

But, what if Widmore brought Desmond with him in order to SEND him to the FST in order to impact our Losties in such a way as to impact their behavior/outlook/whatever in the OT?

I had written earlier elsewhere that perhaps part of Jacob's function on the island was to maintain some type of balance between light and dark . If this were true, he could have been recruiting people that represented both ends of the spectrum (leaving out, for now, his search for a candidate). Well, in this same way, Desmond could be used to jump to the FST and impact someone there for dark or light. An extreme example of this might be Desmond finding Sayid in the FST and turning him once and for all toward the light, total redemption, and thereby cleansing him of the infection in the OT on the island. Again, extreme example.

This theory works whether the goal is balance or simply buolding up the armies of either light or dark. Either way, it would surely keep Desmond very busy during the second half of the season.

--Professor Askew 18:22, March 17, 2010 (UTC)

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