I posted something similar to what I'm about to write as a reponse to another blog article, but wanted to create a new blog to devote entirely to this subject.

I was hoping to begin a discussion regarding the "recruiting methods" of Jacob and MiB. At this point, I think that it is safe to suppose that: (1) A war is coming (2) The war will have two sides pitted against one another.

We have seen in the Season 5 finale that Jacob has been off island and has "recruited" a large group of people who we are led to believe become destined to go/return to the island as a result of his touch. We have seen Kate, Juliet, Jack, Hurley, Locke, Sayid, and Ilana (possibily). I'm listing these individuals soley from memory...might have forgot one, or two.

Is there any reason to believe that Jacob is choosing his side for the war? I would have to say "no." I have a difficult time believing that Sayid is going to be on the same side as Jack...and it is fairly obvious that Locke and Jack MUST be on opposing sides. That being said, is there a connection with this group that explains why Jacob is choosing them? Is it possible that Jacob also recruited other people who ended up on the island, but for purposes of time/producers want to trick the viewers, they were not shown in that episode?

I want to believe that Jacob had a greater purpose for bringing everyone to the island. In his opening scene in the S5 finale, he appears to be very confident is his beliefs and that his "existence" on the island will not be put in jeopardy, regardless of what scheme or "loophole" MiB can find. Jacob, in the brief time we see him, appears far more intelligent and aware of "the rules" than his advisary. I wonder if it is possible that Jacob was well aware of the fact that he was going to "die" when he brought Locke to the island. Perhaps, this was all part of his plan?

Now, let's move on to MiB. To the best of our knowledge, he has not been off the island. So who will be on his side during "the war?" My theory is that MiB recruits in 1 of 2 ways. He can recruit anyone living on the island, as well as the deceased, so long as they have not been buried. I believe we see the recruiting the dead variety of this with Christian and Yemi. I also believe that, at one time, we were to assume the same thing happened with Claire. However, I think that, because they were able to get Emilie to sign on for Season 6, that the producers may try and re-examine that situation and present the possibility that Claire never died. MiB may have also recruited Locke upon his return on Ajira 316. If so, this would be the first time (that the viewer can see) where MiB recruits a dead person that whose body remains intact somewhere on the island. In the other situations, it is more likely that MiB re-animated the Locke's case, it appears that MiB actually took his form, completely seperate from the dead body.

MiB also appears to have the means to recruit the living as the smoke monster. For the sake of the argument, let's assume that MiB is in fact the smoke monster. It is very possible that Locke's run in with the smoke monster early in season 1, which is not shown to the viewer, may have influenced Locke to act differently. We have seen the smoke monster manipulate Ben into following Locke. We also assume that the monster affected Rousseau's expedition team in such a way that makes them act very differently. Further, he was able to convince Locke that he needed to die, presumably so that he could take over his body upon the body's return to the island. I'm suggesting that MiB/monster is able to recruit his side of the war by manipulating individuals on the island.

I have alot of other thoughts about this subject, but in an attempt to not make this post too long and unreadable, I'll save them to add as comments later based on the discussion that this brews. Let me know what everyone thinks! Primoriot 18:31, January 21, 2010 (UTC)

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