Someone had written in another blog that they felt like Flocke lied to Jack about appearing as Christian. They made a good point, because if you re-watch The Last Recruit, Jack is the one who introduces this question to Flocke, and then there is a pause before Flocke responds. At first, it appears that this may be news to Flocke, but he abuses the fact that Jack has seemingly already convinced himself that it was a case of Flocke appearing as Christian so he just roles with it.

However, if you watch further, Flocke CLEARLY was telling the truth, at least to a certain extent when he says, "You needed to find water, Jack, so I led you to it." I think that this line of dialogue supports the fact that Flocke appeared as Christian, because I can't see how he would have known this unless he was Christian.

This brings two important facts to mind:

1. If MiB was Christian that early on in the series, I think we have to believe that he was Christian every subsequent time in the series (on-island). Christian is clearly dead, and MiB is the only person we know of who can manipulate the dead in that way. I don't see how any subsequent appearance could have been anyone else. You can make the case that Hurley can see the dead, so I suppose that if Hurley ran into Christian, we could theorize that it was the actual ghost of Christian, but I don't see how that could be the case for the Kahana incident, or when he runs into Frank and Sun.

2. There are still too many cases where the reveal that MiB was Christian doesn't make sense. However, I feel like we are basing our judgement of these cases on some assumptions that may or may not be true. Firstly, I am really starting to think that MiB is capable of existing in multiple places at once. For example, I don't understand the scene where Christian appears to Locke in the well in Season 5. This occured during the time flashes at a time when the statue was visible, dating the scene prior to Christian's birth. Is Christian like Jacob and MiB, in the sense that he doesn't age like everyone else? Could he be more special than we think? If that is not the case, which I am going to assume it isn't for argument's sake, this has to mean that the conversation Locke had with Christian was a case of Christian traveling through time with Locke. How could MiB have existed as Christian in that time period if Christian had not been to the island yet? If this was MiB as Christian, traveling through time with Locke, why did he not become stuck in 1977 with the rest of them? We know that he didn't because, while Jack, Sawyer, et. al. are living in 1977 and stuck in Dharma times, MiB is occupying Locke's body and is trekking toward the statue. I'm not sure what all of this means, but we can clearly assume that either MiB was capable of traveling through time, but also capable of 'un-sticking' himself in time so that he could move from 1977 to present, OR we can assume that MiB is capable of occupying multiple bodies/manifesting as multiple entities at one time. Anyone else agree?

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