• Previouslyonlost12


    August 10, 2009 by Previouslyonlost12

    I want to know other peoples opinions and predictions for season six.

    i would love to see the show ending up with everyone just living on the island at their own free will. id also like to see the death of jacob been planned all along and everything that happened, happened for a reason. for instance lets just say that ben and richard alpert KNEW that it was jacobs nemesis manipulating lockes body and in order for him to think that he has control, jacob must die, or seem to die. that way he can be taken down. hopefully. plus, ben is the man that ALWAYS has a plan. so maybe he knows what to do next.

    and jacob comes back. id love it

    but, i unfortunately predict that well end season six with everyone being in La airport and everyone going their …

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