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April 21, 2010
  • Previously on LOST

    Anyone think the MiB is planning to use Ben as his replacement to be the new smoke monster?

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  • Previously on LOST

    It first needs to be stated that in Jacob's search for his replacement, he is looking for more than someone who will protect the island; he is looking for someone to prove the MiB wrong about humanity.

    The role of Jacob on the island is the Protector. He accomplishes this role by controlling the MiB's power by keeping him on the island. However, at the same time Jacob is also recruiting or bringing people to the island in an attempt to change the MiB's view that evil is inherent to humanity. This is where Jacob's search for the candidate takes a turn and he begins to focus on finding a candidate who will protect the island by changing the intrinsic nature of the MiB.

    Jack is our man for the job. Now that he is the last candidate with the MiB…

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