Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the premiere. So here are a few theories that i have come up with, sorry if some of them have already been mentioned: 1. The Temple is the MIB's home

          He has to go 'home' and in order to do so he had to make those in the temple believe that he was trust worthy, so they'll recognize him as John Locke, see Richard (who flocke           knockedout) and make him agree to let him in, and then kill everyone in order for no one to bother him. He said in The Incident Part 1 that all people do is come and destroy, hense the reason
  for killing them all
   Also, the only way for those in the temple to get this ash is from one source: a volcano. This volcano is located extremely close to the temple, making it a perfect candidate for the only thing that was close to MIB, acting as his cryptonite.

2. Richard was a prison - not a slave - on the black rock.

       He was neither British, nor black. 
       I believe that some how the MIB enslaves Richard, and then Jacob saves him, because Richard said that he doesnt age because of Jacob. So Jacob most likely saved him by giving him
      or Richard did something extremely generous...Like lock away MIB in that cabin. Another reason that Jacob might have rewarded him

3. Jacob is everyone that has ever appeared on the island to mainly those that crashed

    MIB has something that he transformers into, Jacob has to as well

4. The cabin in the woods used to be Jacob's, but then it was made a temporary prison cell to MIB.

     MIB broke through the line of ash only because he was in human form, as seen The Incident Part 1 when Ilana and crew see the 'broken line'
     John Locke heard the words "Help Me" when about to exit the cabin. Must have been MIB needing help, and is it such a coincidence that he said 'help me' to LOCKE!!he eventually takes
    the form of Locke later, so in a way Locke does help him.

5. Sayid IS Jacob (No spoilers obviously)

    Think about it: Jacob sent Hurley to go to the Temple knowing exactly what would happen.
    Is MIB is in a body, Jacob cant miss out on this shit, come on.
    Plus, if Flocke goes to the temple disguised as REAL LOCKE, then if they let him in, they're all screwed. Not if a little someone (Jacob) in a little somones body (Sayid) tells them not to open the gates

6. Juliet was pregnant

   She died - yes i know you all think its because she was under a huge pile of rubbish - but think about it. All the mothers on the island die, and maybe this child was significant

Now tell me wat you all think.

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