• PrOvOsT210

    Well Backed Up Theory

    February 3, 2010 by PrOvOsT210

    Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the premiere. So here are a few theories that i have come up with, sorry if some of them have already been mentioned: 1. The Temple is the MIB's home

    He has to go 'home' and in order to do so he had to make those in the temple believe that he was trust worthy, so they'll recognize him as John Locke, see Richard (who flocke knockedout) and make him agree to let him in, and then kill everyone in order for no one to bother him. He said in The Incident Part 1 that all people do is come and destroy, hense the reason for killing them all Also, the only way for those in the temple to get this ash is from one source: a volcano. This volcano is located extremely close to the temple, making it a pe… Read more >