I'm a pretty deep guy. I read poetry, books and am always looking for meaning in life. My faith has taken a bit of a battering over the past few years. Friends turned out not to be friends at all, people screwed me over, and things at law school have not gone as planned. I've been forced to question humanity in many ways. For example, i had a housemate who didnt seem to have any morals whatsoever. He expected me to do all the cleaning, bills, consultation with landlords etc, enjoyed walking all over people, trashing the place, and all the while claiming he didnt know any better. A massive excuse which, for these and many more reasons, showd him to be something of a psychopath. This guy really did not care who he upset or any of the long term consequences of his actions (over me and many other people).

Then, one day, after watching every episode of lost on tv as well as buying all the season box-set dvd's, i see the last episode of season 5. The conversation between Jacob and the Man in Black on the beach about the nature of humanity really struck me. The man in black thinks that people are inherently selfish, corruptible etc and i think he probably has ample evidence. Jacob brings people to the island to prove him wrong.

I really havnt decided on which side i stand. On the one hand, my first hand experience with alot of people over the last few years inclines me to agree with the man in black. However, one of the central images and motifes of lost has been the power of the island. Sawyer was a raging socio-path when he arrived on the island - but three years there fundamentally changed him for the better. Same things can be said of shannon (horrible cow before the island) and charlie (who over-came his drug addiction on the island) and many other characters. And all this occurred without any influence of jacob - he did not approach any of the survivors while they were on the island. Instead, it was the man in black who manipulated a whole bunch of characters through his various forms, most significantly locke, who was only ever looking for a purpose in life.

I agree with Jacob. A negative, cynical view of humanity allows humanity to be just that, and i think in the majority of cases jacob has and will prove MIB wrong. Yes people may be a-holes sometimes, but re-deeming qualities remain. And for those who dont have these qualities, maybe they are all our own personal Man in Black.--Powell1 18:42, April 30, 2010 (UTC)

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