I normally despise people who claim after every episode that the whole season or series is a waste of time as questions were poorly answered or not answered at all. However, I too was severely dissapointed with Across the Sea in many ways.

It looks like the ancient civilisation who built the statue will never be fully explained. Instead, we have to be content with the revelation that people who built the wells were shipwrecked, and then killed. All killed an burned by 1 insanse woman - is that plausible?

second, it seems now very unlikely, with only a few episodes left, that we will discover how the crazy "mother" of mib and jacob came to be on the island. I dont understand how they can introduce such fundamentally new things/characters to the show, with such little time remaining, and expect to satisfactorily explain the mysteries to the auidience. Another example is the flash-sideways - we have no connection with these alternate characters and 1 season is not enough time to reveal the secrets of the flash sideways in a satisfactory way.

Thirdly, the source? A hole in the ground revealing golden/white light? Seems to be suffering too many religious overtones for me, and again, will they have time to explain its nature?

However, it was nice to see that jacob wasnt some sort of demi-god but merely someone who became protector of the island through fate - perhaps as jack or another candidate may become. It was also interesting to see the fall of the man in black - once an unassuming, interested man seeking answers, since trapped on the island, transformed into the smoke and losing his body, suffering centuries of anger until he loses all human feeling.

I also liked the reveal concerning adam and eve. Adam and eve not being rose and bernard was an interesting plot twist, neatly configuring with MIB's claim that jacob stole his body.

Subject to those exceptions, i felt let down by the episode. What was expected to be one of the best episodes ever seemed to suffer from an underwhelming theme that carried out throughout the episode. There were no reveals concerning jacob's cabin or the ash, although hopefully those are still to come. Would welcome your thoughts.--Powell1 14:46, May 12, 2010 (UTC)

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