Just a few thoughts going into "The End".

Here's my prediction. Desmond will in one way or another end up in the source. However, his resistance to electromagnetism will cause the island to sink. This is Jacob's "failsafe" as told to the man in black by Widmore. Thus, the man in black, and presumably every1 else on the island, will drown and be obliterated. This will end the original timeline, leaving us with the flashsideways timeline.

This has been suggested in many ways, particularly in season 6. The iconic scene where the man in black smashes the bottle of wine may be a great foreshadowing of the above. However, how does this account for the fact that in the flashsideways timeline people such as ben, roger, pierre chang etc seemed to have left the island at some point way way prior to 2007? My guess would be that this must have something to do with the time travel side effects of the source/energy beneath the orchid. Possibly, the failsafe at the source will sink the island and move it simultaneously, as done before. The island will be moved to a time around or before the 1970's, prior to jacob's interactions with the remaining candidates - so that their lives are not altered and some subtle differences are put in place.

Overall, im really glad that we have now reached a stage where the massive likelyhood is that jughead did not cause the flash-sideways timeline, a theory i never liked.

Alas, it seems that some major questions will not be answered. I am very worried that the scene in jacob's cabin with locke and ben from season 3 will not be revisited - but i hope im wrong. I am also praying for the outrigger scene to be revisited. Things such as walt, arron etc i cannot see being answered, and in truth, to answer them now may feel rushed - similar to the whispers.

Would appreciate any ideas and comments on the above.--Powell1 12:59, May 20, 2010 (UTC)

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