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April 12, 2010
  • Powell1


    August 21, 2010 by Powell1

    Has any1 else thought that the flash desmond had about claire and aaron getting on the chopper so long as Charlie died may have been interrupted by the man in black, in the form of christian, when he appeared in the middle of the night, taking claire and leaving aaron behind?

    This would be possible as the man in black did show some acute ability to foresee the future. But why would he not want claire to leave? So that when the candidates return, she would be so insane that she would want to kill them, which would achieve his goals indirectly. Think about it, claire was nuts and did try to kill kate, and was very angry toward jin and jack. Would appreciate any further ideas.

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  • Powell1

    (Do not read if you have not seen the film Vanilla Sky and wish to do so unspoiled)

    Anyone who has seen the film Vanilla Sky will be familiar with the concept of a lucid dream. Im no expert, but i believe such dreams are extremely realistic, even involving the dreamer interacting with the things around him to a level not experienced in most dreams (which in my experience are short and very confusing).

    In Vanilla Sky, the main character experiences an induced lucid dream offerred by a company, allowing him to "reset" his life to a certain point and "live" his life in the way he always "dreamed" it would be (with the love of his life). To do this, he has to die and be frozen by the company. All the while, he has no recollection of being ind…

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  • Powell1

    The End is Nigh

    May 20, 2010 by Powell1

    Just a few thoughts going into "The End".

    Here's my prediction. Desmond will in one way or another end up in the source. However, his resistance to electromagnetism will cause the island to sink. This is Jacob's "failsafe" as told to the man in black by Widmore. Thus, the man in black, and presumably every1 else on the island, will drown and be obliterated. This will end the original timeline, leaving us with the flashsideways timeline.

    This has been suggested in many ways, particularly in season 6. The iconic scene where the man in black smashes the bottle of wine may be a great foreshadowing of the above. However, how does this account for the fact that in the flashsideways timeline people such as ben, roger, pierre chang etc seemed…

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  • Powell1

    I normally despise people who claim after every episode that the whole season or series is a waste of time as questions were poorly answered or not answered at all. However, I too was severely dissapointed with Across the Sea in many ways.

    It looks like the ancient civilisation who built the statue will never be fully explained. Instead, we have to be content with the revelation that people who built the wells were shipwrecked, and then killed. All killed an burned by 1 insanse woman - is that plausible?

    second, it seems now very unlikely, with only a few episodes left, that we will discover how the crazy "mother" of mib and jacob came to be on the island. I dont understand how they can introduce such fundamentally new things/characters …

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  • Powell1

    Why I Watch Lost

    April 30, 2010 by Powell1

    I'm a pretty deep guy. I read poetry, books and am always looking for meaning in life. My faith has taken a bit of a battering over the past few years. Friends turned out not to be friends at all, people screwed me over, and things at law school have not gone as planned. I've been forced to question humanity in many ways. For example, i had a housemate who didnt seem to have any morals whatsoever. He expected me to do all the cleaning, bills, consultation with landlords etc, enjoyed walking all over people, trashing the place, and all the while claiming he didnt know any better. A massive excuse which, for these and many more reasons, showd him to be something of a psychopath. This guy really did not care who he upset or any of the…

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