I tried to stay away for a few days...that lasted for 12 hours...well not even. I was doing my rewatch and I am on "The Brig" I think this is the point in the show where things really start to change and are very telling for the ending of the show. The whole scene where John sees his Dad on the island was just odd. I mean Anthony bites John, and draws blood. I started reading so much into every word and facial expression that I saw(again). Then I started having so many more unanswered questions and I couldn't keep up with all of them. Anyway I ended up having to go back to LP so much that I just decided to post this page. Perhaps it can help us pass some more time until February.(UGH!!)

What I a suggesting is that we look back at some of the unanswered questions that are listed here are try to come up with some answers to some of the ones that have not been beat to death already. Sorry for rambling. : )

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