One thing that we know about Charles Widmore is that he was banned from the island after having an affair of sorts with an "outsider". Ok, So we still don't know WHO that outsider was BUT it is obvisouly Penny's mum whomever she is b/c Eloise IMO would be considered an insider. OR IS SHE????? Ok, Just threw that in there for fun, but young Ellie did give an evil smile to Richard when they went down to get Jughead. Another thing about Charles is that he is really interested in that cool slave ship the Black Rock as we all are. So how did the Black Rock end up in the middle of the jungle? Well according to Eloise the island is constantly moving so is it floating as it moves? I think so but perhaps it "Blooped" at some point twice upon a time and blooped to the same spot where the Black Rock was at. Ok that is a possibility but pretty lame (I am not Darlton).

Anyway so what I want to know is this, WHO IS PENNY'S MUM?????  Do you think we have seen her on the show already?  Will it even matter who she is??? I THINK SO!!!

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