My brain is starting to hurt from thinking about Lost too much. SO....instead of trying to figure it out how about a list of the top ten obscure, must have and maybe not so must have questions for next season. See if you can supply some fun answers too, who knows maybe something will detonate..I mean spark an idea.  : )

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

10. What is the Island? A backgammon board.

9. Who are Adam and Eve? Rose and Bernard.

8. Did anyone ever get Claire's message that she tied on to that bird? I sure hope so.

7. Will we ever get to see Ann Arbor or the DeGroots?

6. Is Mikhail really dead? Probably not.

5. Why was Illana in the hospital? She lost an eye and it is her glass eye that Libby finds in the arrow.

4. What was the point of the Hurley bird?

3. What is Frank a candidate for? Island President. Jacob's current position?

2. Why can TMIB not kill Jacob? He is his constant.

1. Where are all of the freakin' hairbrushes?????????????

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