I have been re-watching season one. I just finished 'Raised by Another'. The whole time I have been studying John Locke and his actions. There was certainly a change in his mannerisms during 'Walkabout' after John encountered Smokey. I am wondering if that is the moment when Flocke came into being. I know it has been discussed to death BUT if he is Nemesis the whole time perhaps when he seems helpful and caring (on or off the island) perhaps he is just manipulating the people around him. I mean when he and Abbadon are visiting Helen's grave what if Flocke already knew about this. What if he was suppose to have Abbadon there at a certain time in order to kill of one of Widmore's soldiers. Hummm... Also when Ben kills John what if Flocke knew what was going to happen, or he needed it to happen in order to get back to the island.

Something I noticed in 'Solitary' is that the first time we see Ethan it is John Locke who introduces him to the other Losties. He says that he thought he would be useful. humm......Also in 'Raised by Another' when Hurley is playing cop and asking questions, I like what Locke said. The fact that he was looking for something. Hurley asks if he found it, "No, it found me". So many things take on a new meaning with the knowledge that we have now. I don't know about you guys but I am loving Lost even more now. : )

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