In the episode Maternity Leave I noticed that when Ethan took Claire to the nursery and showed her the crib that the mobile had 3 Oceanic airplanes on it. Also the room was all clean and almost new looking. Now when Claire, Kate and Danielle go back there it is all dusty and abandoned. Knowing that time travel is possible in the show could this be some proof that there has been some sort of time travel between the time that Ethan took Claire and the time she went back to the station?

Other questions...Are the airplanes on the mobile proof that someone knew about Aaron being born on the island before the plane even crashed or took off in Sydney?

How did the room change so drastically in such a short period of time?

When Aaron gets sick, has he been "infected" since then? Did he get sick from being Baptized? Because when he gets better Jack had given him no medicine. I can't remember but was Aaron breathing right away after he was born?

When Claire starts to get her memory back and sees the tree stump where she sat down with Ethan I SO didn't remember her watching herself sit there!!! I know it was just a memory but if it wasn't then that would possibly explain the drastic change in the station.

Thoughts and feedback PLEASE! And if this has been brought up or discussed or debunked before I apologize, b/c I was not blogging back in Season 2.



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