The last time we saw Claire we were not so sure of her lets say well being. If Charlie is alive then he will be miserable if his peanut butter buddy had departed.  : ( SO..If we are going to get them together (alive and well) so they can go buy so Peter Pan Peanut Butter (Dharma PB is kinda chunky)then there MUST be a reset of some type(unfortunately). I think if we are going to have a reset it will be after the 815 crash and at the point when Desmond turns the fail safe key. I mean why not he is special, he turned the sky purple!!! : )

Now on the other hand if the producers are telling us "Trust Us" and there is no reset then Charlie coming back will just be for a curtain call or to talk to Hurley about DS or something.

So either we have a reset of some sort and get our beloved characters back or no reset and the story just ends with a nod to the wonderful cast that we have had.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how it would play out for Charlie and Claire.

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