In season 5 (I believe it is 'Namaste') where Sayid is running alone through the jungle after 316 "crash and flash". Then Jin and Radinsky respond to code 14-J. Jin and Radinsky capture Sayid. Then later on he Sayid forced to say he is a hostile. Remember this.

So I was watching 'Enter 77' and 'Par Avion' last night. Also with Sayid. When they are going over the sonic fence this would be considered a code 14-J. (one strike for Sayid) Then again in season 5. (two strikes) Then he HAS to admit he is a hostile. (strike 3) Not to mention the whole conversation with little Ben. Also he seems to ask a lot of people "Don't you remember?" through out the whole show. He is still working for Ben after the island and the he goes and builds more houses in another jungle. haha

Ever since I saw Sayid running around after the "crash and flash" I have been suspicious of him. It just didn't seem right. What if he was forced to get on 316 b/c he is a hostile and they needed one more on the plane to duplicate the crash. Among other reasons, we had all wondered about there being a hostile on the flight before. Cindy for example. Any "others" you can think of as possible "candidates" (LOL) from 815?

Now there is something else that I was hoping someone could explain to me. If Dharma was wiped out during the purge, leaving Ben and Ethan to join the hostiles, who like to live in the jungle, 1) why do some of them live in the barraks, and 2) why does Ben keep bringing new people to the island if TMIB doesn't like it? Proof that the whole scene between Ben and Jacob was staged??? Thoughts....comments....

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