Just curious who thinks that we are being conned about something throughout the entire length of this show. I mean I can't help but think that will references like "Man behind the Curtain", "The Long Con" according to Ben things are not always what they seem. And yes BEN LIES...maybe that is the LONG CON Ben is really telling the truth! haha But seriously what do you think the real LONG CON will be in the show? Is there one?

Personally I can't help but hear Eloise revealing to us all in the S6 finale...(addressed to the audience in a Dharma Orientation video form) "I am so sorry dear, you failed!" "Do you honestly think that an island can move and just totally disappear like that?" "Really...I uh..we all thought that you were smarter than that." Just because you watched some videos on your home TV over the past 6 years you really thought this was REAL???" "The truth is that you were all just brainwashed you may now exit room 23."

What is your long con?

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