1) Read books featured on Lost. Like 'Our Mutual Friend', 'A Separate Reality', 'Through the Looking Glass'. 2) Re-watch season 1 (Huh?) 3) Watch Comic Con, and enjoy the Lost video that usually comes out. (Roughly 2 weeks left) 4) Re-watch season 2 (WTF?) 5) Go online and discuss/debate/argue, with people you don't know but are also Lost-aholics, about new and rediscovered things from the past seasons. Be nice about it. : ) 6) Re-watch season 3 (No Way!!) 7) Watch movies with some of the same reoccuring themes as Lost. Like, 'DeJavu', or 'The Knowing', if you have children 'The Last Mimzy' and of course 'Alice in Wonderland'. 8) Re-watch season 4 (OH, SNAP!!) 9) December is finally here RUN OUT....go buy season 5!!!! 10) Re-watch season 5 before Christmas. If you know it is under the tree for you unwrap it watch it then re-wrap it OR return the one you get Christmas morning b/c you already watched the copy you bought yourself. 11) Do research on what you just watched AGAIN. 12) Come up with a solid theory. (Post it or not you know you will come up with one). 13) Let your brain rest. It needs it. 14) Organize a Lost get together for the Season 6 opener. (Be sure to set the DVR and turn the phone off) 15) Laugh because you know you will do these and then some!!!!!

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