Advance rumour advertised this as an episode dedicated to setting up the finale, as opposed to something that would stand gloriously on its own. But I loved it. Good occurrences (I don't need things to blow up or smash to make a good episode) and one of the most quotable.

I thought at first that we had a new and different sideways timeline, where Jack gets along comfortably with his son and doesn't have to sneak around behind his back to go to the recital, but Occam's razor and others on the guest list point to it being a subsequent recital in the same time zone. Booyah! We're approaching my desired ending, the better world for everyone. And I love the idea that the FST is Jacob's back-up. I must have taken a phone call at the wrong moment during a previous episode, though, because I don't know why Claire is at Jack's place, I guess she just needed a place to stay and she is his half-sister after all. I was still under the impression that I was seeing a different timeline as Jack stitched up Kate, thinking that the this was a reversal of the events of the pilot when Kate stitched up Jack. But then I got my bearings.

It was a nice touch to have Miles stagger as he enters New Otherton. It's a good reminder of all the killing that has taken place there. And it was an unexpected tucking away of a loose end to have Richard admit to burying Alex's remains. I guess it was a little hurried to have her be buried right where she fell. But perhaps there was a significant enough delay between death and burial that she was too decomposed to be easily moved. I wonder if Alex had anything to say to Miles. Does she hate her father, love him, forgive him, have any final feelings other than the confusion, betrayal, and pleas for mercy that we saw on screen.

I cheered when I saw Danielle! I told you she was the sexiest thing on the island. And I was laughing at myself because I'm sure I dropped a comment on someone's blog telling them it was asking for too much to see Danielle just because we'd seen Alex. I loved the moment of suspense when it was possible that Alex would get in the car and we'd never see her mother. And her accent is less French than ever.

And kacheté! we're minus one Zoë. That was quick and nasty, but right. Darn, though; I liked her. I would have liked to have her around a bit longer. Just to look at, mostly.

At first I laughed at the set up Locke calling the police and immediately getting through to an actual police officer at the LAPD and not "please hold for the next available 9-1-1 operator," but then I realized that as a victim of a crime, John Locke would have had the phone number of the investigating officer, in case he recalled any more details of the accident. He didn't call 9-1-1; he called the office of the guy who had investigated the case.

Jack volunteers. Gee, what a surprise. If there is betting for 'who will be the final candidate' no one is making much money off that revelation. That's not a complaint. Sometimes the main character in the first episode has to be the lead at the end, too. Desmond will feature big, though. They wouldn't spend so much time setting him up as EMF-proof without intending for him to go into the Source and do the final whatsit things.

I was surprised Charles Widmore died in this episode. I thought we had more to learn from him. I was expecting an evil villain soliloquy from him before his death. Or did really die? There's a good argument that Ben couldn't have killed him, so that his death is a ruse, and Ben is still playing so deep that there isn't a number representing the depth of his n-tuple crossing. If there is one thing Ben does, it's to double-cross and manipulate people, and he always has a back up plan. I'll be disappointed if Ben doesn't have a few more moves up his sleeve. I guess Desmond knows everything that Charles would have been useful for. Or maybe Eloise will have the chance to reveal the dastardly plan.

The grand finale is going to take place at Jack's kid's concert? I'm now enjoying the game of "they're going to be all together at the hospital, no at the police station, ok then, at the concert." And here's a dress for Kate, just like when she was first let out of the polar bear cage. How old is the schtick of the the bad guy or the circumstances putting the tough girl in the fancy dress? It's an oldie and a goodie. The oldest I know is Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but that's just because of how old I am, and that I don't know my film and literary history very well. For all I know there's a scene in Beowulf where Grendel's mother is forced to wear a lacey frock.

My Favourite Quotes

This was the most quotable episode ever for me. So many things that made me laugh.

  • "We're very close to the end, Hugo." - because we know exactly how many minutes are left.
  • "I lived in these houses thirty years before you did, otherwise known as last week." - because it underscores the temporal confusion and the craziness.
  • "He's hiding in my closet." - because that's the sort of thing you say sarcastically when you have no idea, or don't intend to tell, but it's true.
  • "It's coq au vin night." - because it's full-on hilarious to paste "coq au vin" over "taco" and pretend that this is the French immigrant version of an American staple of home-made fast food.
  • "Even if we have to kidnap you." - because it's a such a perfectly innocent thing to say, and she's such a brutal kidnapper.
  • "Did you say there were some other people to kill?" - because it contrasts so well with Alex calling him the nicest guy ever.
  • "You're mistaking coincidence for faith." - because it can be a finger wag at the viewers who are whining about the mysticism.
  • "It's just a line of chalk in a cave." - because it's mocking us all for all the importance we placed on that chalk.
  • "And I thought that guy had a God complex before."

The references and little digs were so much better than any "Previously on Lost" montage to set us up in context.

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