I was disappointed by The Last Recruit. I didn't feel that the episode answered vital questions, provided memorable moments or advanced the plot significantly. Its only achievements were to close the net of character associations in the FST, rearrange the ever-shifting loyalties on the island, and set off some explosions. It was bookkeeping.

We saw the characters learn things they didn't know, but we didn't learn anything. Yeah, it was good to know that FST Locke hadn't been killed by FST Desmond's hit and run, and that FST Sun and unborn child are going to make it. Our hoping that island Desmond wasn't killed by being thrown down the well is replaced by hoping that Saïd was lying when he said he killed him. And in both cases, of course we know he isn't dead. He can't be dead. He's a major character whose special abilities haven't yet been used for redemption. It was amusing to see FST Ford predict Saïd's flight out the back door, and foil him with a garden hose, but we knew he'd get caught one way or the other, and we already knew why Sawyer let Kate go. That the MiB was the one who appeared as Christian on the island was nice to confirm, and the writers must have thought it was a really important point, as they made it twice. FST Claire is still having a boy, just as she did it the island timeline. But tell us something we didn't already have figured out, eh?

The long-awaited Jinn-Sun reunion also fell flat. It didn't stand out in a whole episode full of characters who hadn't seen one another in a long time. They tried to dramatize it by having the pair be slow to recognize one another, but that was silly, seeing as they both look exactly the same as they have the whole time. I mean, I have facial recognition difficulties, strong enough that I didn't know who was in the coffin until the characters told me, but I had no difficulty knowing that was Jinn and Sun. The dramatic running into each others arms (à la Melissa and Ashley in Gone With the Wind) was cornball and they missed something in the timing so the "Oh noes! They are going to run through the sonic fence!" that was possible was replaced with "heh, lucky Zoë just ordered them to turn off the sonic fence."

It was cute to have Jack operating on John in one timeline even as the man who appears to be John carries a possibly wounded Jack to safety on the island, but unless you're writing Jack/Locke slash fiction it doesn't really go in the vault. I think the writers knew there wasn't a lot of action in this one and tried to save it with some gun-waving and explosions.

Maybe this is a bit of a catch-up episode for people who hadn't yet seen where everything was going.

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