Just some notes I made while watching The End. I liked it, and I think they did as well as they could have been expected to ending the series.

  • As a pilot, when I've transported human remains, the cardboard carton had a big arrow and label indicating where the head was, because when you carry or move it you have to keep it level or head higher than feet. It keeps things from getting too messy inside. Leakage through the eyeballs and lovely stuff like that, I think/.
  • Wow, I was sure that they had killed off Lapitus and Alpert last time and just done a poor job of portraying it. But they didn't kill EITHER of them. So the points lost last episode for not being clear are regained, and they accrue serious points for not leaving loose ends.
  • Oh no, it's the same ending as Star Trek II: through the whole thing I kept expecting Jack or Desmond to say "I have been, and will always be, your friend." OMG! He pulled out the cork and the water all gurgled away. Given that the effect was going to be corny whatever they did, I think they did okay with a giant stopper. Clark's Third Law definitely applies. We can't say it was mystical mumbo jumbo that ran the island, just that it is beyond our ken.
  • "I don't believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in duct tape." That is made of win. I hope the nosewheel goes back down before landing, wherever it is that they land.
  • It takes more runway to take off than it does to land, and they didn't have enough to land. I'll assume they offloaded all the cargo.
  • Yes! Hurley is my hero!
  • Ha ha! The Oceanic Airlines bottle as drinking vessel was a masterstroke! They anticipated the fan curiosity over the chalice and the incantation and the other trappings of power transfer, then reduced it to the very very minimum.
  • Whatdya know, C& D lied about the volcano. Oh, not they didn't. I thought the island was going to erupt there.
  • OMG, Jack is going to turn into the new smoke monster. So he didn't, but why did going into the light turn the BiB into a smoke monster but it just made Desmond and Jack weak and illuminated?
  • OMG, Ben & John are going to blow up the concert. For a second there I thought they were going to bring the whole group together like the punchline to the joke about getting the Beatles back together. But of course they were all already dead.
  • I found the overcoloured flashbacks with the swelling music too saccharine.
  • Hurley, Desmond and Ben are a great team, and it is cool that we've been watching what comes after the end all along, thinking it was an alternate reality, when it was the result of the island reality, except both backwards and forwards in time. Thinking back to Juliette's ex-husband falling under a bus, we thought Dharma had engineered that, but I don't think they really had any knowledge.

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