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March 18, 2010
  • PolarBearSkull

    Just some notes I made while watching The End. I liked it, and I think they did as well as they could have been expected to ending the series.

    • As a pilot, when I've transported human remains, the cardboard carton had a big arrow and label indicating where the head was, because when you carry or move it you have to keep it level or head higher than feet. It keeps things from getting too messy inside. Leakage through the eyeballs and lovely stuff like that, I think/.
    • Wow, I was sure that they had killed off Lapitus and Alpert last time and just done a poor job of portraying it. But they didn't kill EITHER of them. So the points lost last episode for not being clear are regained, and they accrue serious points for not leaving loose ends.
    • Oh no, it…
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  • PolarBearSkull

    Advance rumour advertised this as an episode dedicated to setting up the finale, as opposed to something that would stand gloriously on its own. But I loved it. Good occurrences (I don't need things to blow up or smash to make a good episode) and one of the most quotable.

    I thought at first that we had a new and different sideways timeline, where Jack gets along comfortably with his son and doesn't have to sneak around behind his back to go to the recital, but Occam's razor and others on the guest list point to it being a subsequent recital in the same time zone. Booyah! We're approaching my desired ending, the better world for everyone. And I love the idea that the FST is Jacob's back-up. I must have taken a phone call at the wrong moment …

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  • PolarBearSkull

    This is a response to User blog:OA815/Really Lost? Really?.

    I know I'll be disappointed with the ultimate ending to Lost, because it's impossible to raise expectations to the level that the last six years have and then not have everything come crashing down to earth with the final reveal. They have only two choices: leave too much as unexplained faith-based mystery and disappoint the viewer, or explain things in unbelievable pseudoscientific babble, and disappoint the viewer. Worse yet the inevitable compromise will be that the Island is left half unexplained mystery and half poorly explained science.

    Nevertheless, as a long time fan of the Original Series of Star Trek, I have vast experience in what is called in that fandom "Treksplaination."…

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  • PolarBearSkull

    Across the Sea

    May 13, 2010 by PolarBearSkull

    This episode makes you wonder how long they've been waiting to tell us these things, and how many "long-held secrets" they have had to make up in the last couple of months in order to tie everything together. The craftsmanship is such that we can believe that they knew it all along.

    The opening is strong, a nice shipwreck victim sequence, filmed and cut with the same patience that made Richard so wonderful in the hold of the Black Rock. I wonder why she was at sea in her condition and what her story is. I don't need to know, it's just that every mystery solved opens up another one.

    Her conversation with the woman on the island was odd. They were both using such different accents that I at first assumed that they did not understand each other…

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  • PolarBearSkull

    I was disappointed by The Last Recruit. I didn't feel that the episode answered vital questions, provided memorable moments or advanced the plot significantly. Its only achievements were to close the net of character associations in the FST, rearrange the ever-shifting loyalties on the island, and set off some explosions. It was bookkeeping.

    We saw the characters learn things they didn't know, but we didn't learn anything. Yeah, it was good to know that FST Locke hadn't been killed by FST Desmond's hit and run, and that FST Sun and unborn child are going to make it. Our hoping that island Desmond wasn't killed by being thrown down the well is replaced by hoping that Saïd was lying when he said he killed him. And in both cases, of course we kn…

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