As a SysOp on Lostpedia, I don't normally post my own blogs, because I think they are for the rest of the community, as I have the privilege of the Official Lostpedia Blog, Twitter and everything else afforded to me by being lucky enough to do this job.

However, the more I've been thinking about LA X, Parts 1 & 2 over the last few days, the more something has been playing on my mind about the characters of Lost, and the things we've been told about the show by Damon and Carlton. It isn't something appropriate for the Official blog, so I thought I should post here for a change, and engage with the community of Lost Bloggers on the wiki.

We've always been told that one of the major influences on Lost is Stephen King's work. It features throughout the show. From the Other's book club reading Carrie to the more obscure connections like the character of Mother Abigail in the Stand being aged 108. I'm starting to believe the character we are coming to know as The Man in Black is, for all intent and purposes, in the Lost world... Randall Flagg, the antagonist of The Stand and The Dark Tower series.

Obviously he is not exactly the same character, but obviously this character is heavily influenced by him, and here is why I think so:

1. Randall Flagg, whenever he appears, in whatever form he appears, is the embodiment of everything that is bad.
2. To continue the first point, he appears in different forms throughout his appearances in King books using these appearances to try and influence the situation to his own end.
3. The Gunslinger is following his adversary "The Man in Black", who is ultimately Randall Flagg.
4. In Hearts of Atlantis a character called "Raymond Fiegler" tries to convince a woman to abandon her attempts to find an unexploded bomb.
5. According to Stephen King, he feels Randall Flagg has always been there, throughout his writing career. In an interview he stated that : "So, yeah, he was there, really, from the beginning of my writing career. He's always been around." This also seems to be the case on the island.

Now I'm not saying they are literally the same character, but if this influence is true (and if it is, i expect this character's final name to have the initials RF) then who is Jacob? Mother Abigail? The Gunslinger? Whatever the case, I'm currently convinced that our Man in Black is certainly an embodiment in some kind of everything that is bad. Who else has he appeared as over time? Does our Man in Black have a connection to events off the island, as Jacob does?

A short, off the top of my head theory to chew on! Its disjointed I know, and there are probably more things that connect, but this is all I can come with at the time.

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