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  • Pissedoffgiraffe

    From Lostpedia: Whispers from an unknown source frequently appear when characters are in peril, when the Others are near, or during other moments of tension. These are not random noises, but rather actual speech, and can be decoded using audio software.

    Most of the whispers are directly related with the survivors, and who ever whispers seems extremely reluctant to interact with the person that notices the whispers. Also, there are names of main characters mentionned (Sawyer, Shannon, Ana Lucia etc.). Finally, the whispers seem to be connected with crucial events on the island. All this makes me think: What if somehow the consciousness of the people on the island, especially of the ones that were at the Swan Station during the "incident" did…

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  • Pissedoffgiraffe


    June 11, 2009 by Pissedoffgiraffe

    Here are the facts: - The pilot of the Oceanic 815, Seth Norris, was killed by th smoke monster. ("Pilot part 1") - Frank Lapidus was supposed to fly the plane on the day of the crash. ("Confirmed Dead") - Frank Lapidus finally arrived at the island, first with the Kahana, as the chopper pilot ("Confirmed Dead"), then he managed to leave with the Oceanic-Six and Desmode, then he came back as the pilot of the Ajira 316. ("316") - Ilana and Bram suggest that Lapidus may be a "candidate" - for what? ("The Incident") - Perhaps Lapidus' role on the island will prove to be significant, considering that he ends up there twice.

    So... what if the smoke monster was looking for Lapidus in the first place?

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  • Pissedoffgiraffe

    As far as we know, Jacob wove a tapestry of thread he spun himself in his chamber in the plinth of the statue of Taweret during his many years on the Island. We clearly see that the tapestry was completed before Flocke and Ben visited him. There are some frases in greek; the first two are from Homer's "Odyssey":

    1. ΘΕΟΙ ΤΟΣΑ ΔΟΙΕΝ ΟΣΑ ΦΡΕΣΙ ΣΗΣΙ ΜΕΝΟΙΝΑΣ sounds "Thei tossa dien ossa fressi sissi meninas" means "May the gods give you all that your heart desires."

    2. ΘΕΟΙ ΔΕ ΤΟΙ ΟΛΒΙΑ ΔΟΙΕΝ sounds "Thei de ti olvia dien" means "May the gods give you happiness."

    3. ΜΟΝΟΙ ΤΟ ΤΟΥ ΠΟΛΕΜΟΥ ΤΕΛΟΣ ΕΟΡΑΚΑΣΙ sounds "Moni to tou polemou telos eorakassi" means "Only (the dead) have seen the end of war." --> the Greek word for "dead" (ΤΕΘΝΗΚΟΤΕΣ / ΘΑΝΟΝΤΕΣ…

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  • Pissedoffgiraffe

    Unless i'm wrong, Rousseau's team reached the island in 1988, and they were almost immediately wiped out. Later on, Ben kidnapped Danielle's newborn baby, although he was ordered by Widmore to kill her. However, when the Purge takes place, in 1992, we clearly see that Ben is still working for the Dharma Initiative. So I keep wondering: was he a Dharma member and one of the Hostiles simultaneously between 1988 and 1992? Or is it all a continuity error?

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  • Pissedoffgiraffe

    John Locke stands out as one of the 815 survivors who, despite his flaws, is an important member of the "society" formed after the crash. Especially after miraculously regaining the use of his legs, he starts his personal journey to fulfill his destiny, to move from a person who was "lost" to a person who is "found". He helps Jack to deal with his role as a leader, Charlie to overcome his addictions, Shannon to get over her relationship with Boone, Michael to realize how special Walt is etc. Even if he shows extremely gullible in season 2, first with the button - which, however, proved to be real - and then with "Henry Gale", and after all that he is driven by his nihilism to destroy the computer, he later regains his initial optimism and …

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