First of all, sorry about the arrogance of the title. Specially if this theory has been discussed before in this blog or in another one. I think that since i'm not any special person, i surely bet that someone has figured this out before.

Now, lets explain it the best way I can.

As we all know (or should know if we talk about TIME travel, etc), we have to split into two different vissions about time changes:

1- One, is the Whatever Happened, HAPPENED. 2- The other, we split it into two ideas: 2-a- The existence of time paradoxes (paralel universes existing at the same time, in different places) 2-b- "I can change the past" (reset events in the future).

Now, if we enrole in the last idea, which is Jack's and Faraday's idea, we face a HUGE problem. If a person travels in time and goes back to the past, and change an event, that change spreads out in an exponential way. For example, if I go back in time and kill someone important (for example a president), that change will make that the whole country change. If the whole country changes, the people in that country change, all their lives change. In conclution, people won't born, event won't occurr, etc.

Now, the only way a change in the past WON'T affect this, it's only if the change it's extremely low or small. For example: change the place of a pen in 10 cm, or even talk for 5 minutes with someone. That change CAN modify some aspects in the global aspects of someone life, but maybe that change will be absorbed by the whole time line...and won't make any difference in the whole "time world".

BACK TO LOST, we know that the idea it's to destroy the energy pocket, and make the Swan station never to be built, so Desmond won't screw up the timer, and oceaninc never crash on the island.

BUT, if we make that MAJOR change, and talking into account that the Dharma Initiative HAD contact with the whole world, and was financed by a huge corporation, and even had LOTS of people working in the world ....


That change could NEVER be small, because of the constant contact of the Dharma Initiative with the outside world. In the ONLY and ONLY way the change wouldn't affect the world, would be if the Dharma Initiative would have been ALWAYS isolated from outside-contact, and so the change in the island would only change island related events.

It's up to you now, tell me what you think about this. I really can't find a way that this idea is wrong.

farewell !

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