• PiscisKnight

    First of all, sorry about the arrogance of the title. Specially if this theory has been discussed before in this blog or in another one. I think that since i'm not any special person, i surely bet that someone has figured this out before.

    Now, lets explain it the best way I can.

    As we all know (or should know if we talk about TIME travel, etc), we have to split into two different vissions about time changes:

    1- One, is the Whatever Happened, HAPPENED. 2- The other, we split it into two ideas: 2-a- The existence of time paradoxes (paralel universes existing at the same time, in different places) 2-b- "I can change the past" (reset events in the future).

    Now, if we enrole in the last idea, which is Jack's and Faraday's idea, we face a HUGE problem. If…

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