The last scene

As a lot of you know now there was a big white flash on the last scene, so what do you think guys? Did Juliet change the future, or does whatever happened, happened, still apply? I'm personally leaning slightly towards the changing the future bit, it felt like Juliet was not originally intended to survive, but she somehow did.

Anyway, the big white flash, either looked like the 'fail-safe key has been turned' like Desmond did at the end of season 2, or the Losties are about to travel through time, or maybe both. It would make sense if they are travelling through time, hence Jacob saying 'They're coming' but personally I'm hoping Juliet 'turned' the fail-safe key. The last time someone turned the fail-safe key, they ended up naked in the jungle, let's hope Juliet has the same fate! :)

Speaking of Desmond, quite disappointing he didn't get one scene in the finale!

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