Posted this on another forum but thought I'd get your thoughts here.

The episode made me realise, generally most Losties in the flash-sideways timeline have a better life, but most are missing one thing; the 'spectacular, conscious-altering love' as Charlie put it.

Jack is divorced and alone, Kate is still on the run, Sawyer is also alone, Sayid doesn't and can't have Nadia, Ben doesn't have anyone, nor does Desmond. Then there's also Charlie, maybe Hurley (haven't seen his story yet), Claire, Daniel, Charlotte, etc. You could also say Jin & Sun, they are together, but their time is limited and Mr. Paik is trying to drive their love apart. Yet most of these have this love in the original timeline (except Ben...maybe? Maybe that's why Jacob never liked him...)

The only person who does seem to have it in the FST is none other than Locke. He didn't really have it in the original timeline, although he was with Helen at one point, but Helen stopped loving him eventually. So it's interesting why Locke is the opposite to the others.

So the big question that remains - would you rather have a 'happy' life that never experiences true love, or a life where your true love may only last for a short while, but at least you got to experience it? (Charlie & Claire, Daniel & Charlotte, Hurley & Libby, maybe Desmond & Penny?) I think that's what the writer's are trying to convey. And now we get to see what happens if the Losties in FST experience the love.

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