Favourite Last Words?

  • Boone - "Tell Shannon...tell her.."
  • Shannon - "WALLLT!"
  • Libby - "Michael!"
  • Ana Lucia - "For what?"
  • Eko - "You're next" <---- (scary :O)
  • Paulo - "I was, afraid, of losing you. If you found the diamonds, you wouldn't need me any more."
  • Nikki - "Paralysed!"
  • Charlie - "Your boat, eighty miles off shore. Er... Naomi, parachutist/NOT PENNY'S BOAT)"
  • Michael - "Who are you?"
  • Charlotte - "I'm not allowed to have chocolate before dinner... mm...."
  • Daniel - "I'm your son"

Title says it all really, what was your favourite last words? I think I would have to go for Daniels, or Boones. I think most of them were sad deaths though (except Nikki, Paulo and Michael ;) )

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