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February 12, 2009
  • Phobia27

    Yay, well done Lostpedia (and all of the editors for making it great) :D

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  • Phobia27

    Random thought

    April 26, 2010 by Phobia27

    Was just watching The Hunting Party again, and it just struck me; the Others had Jack, Kate and Sawyer within their grasps, and we know that the Others would later need them 10 episodes later, and Ben knew he needed a spinal surgeon, and they just let them go!

    Locke could have acted as Hurley from Michael's list as the guy who returns to the camp to warn them never to come looking for them. And if the Others just used some common sense at the time, then Ben would have never had to go to the hatch, Ana Lucia and Libby would have never died, the Losties would still have the Elizabeth boat, and the Others wouldn't have to give Michael their boat! What's up with that :P

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  • Phobia27

    Posted this on another forum but thought I'd get your thoughts here.

    The episode made me realise, generally most Losties in the flash-sideways timeline have a better life, but most are missing one thing; the 'spectacular, conscious-altering love' as Charlie put it.

    Jack is divorced and alone, Kate is still on the run, Sawyer is also alone, Sayid doesn't and can't have Nadia, Ben doesn't have anyone, nor does Desmond. Then there's also Charlie, maybe Hurley (haven't seen his story yet), Claire, Daniel, Charlotte, etc. You could also say Jin & Sun, they are together, but their time is limited and Mr. Paik is trying to drive their love apart. Yet most of these have this love in the original timeline (except Ben...maybe? Maybe that's why Jacob n…

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  • Phobia27

    I made a brief post about this on the Sundown Talk page, and just thought I'd elaborate it further. Chances are it's probably not right knowing Lost but there's no harm in guessing :)

    The first thing to mention is Candidates seemingly can only be killed by other Candidates. This is why Dogen gives the poison to Jack to give to Sayid, and why Dogen doesn't kill Sayid in Sundown when he had to chance to. Dogen is probably not a candidate and Jacob told him not to kill any candidates if he wants his son to survive. But what would happen if a non-candidate kills a candidate? What happens to them?

    Personally, I think if a candidate is killed by a non-candidate, MIB has a chance to infect them. He brings the candidate back to life, and when he get…

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  • Phobia27

    Season 6 centrics..

    February 24, 2010 by Phobia27

    I think the way they are mirroring Season 1 with the centrics (in Season 1 - Tabula Rasa (Kate), Walkabout (Locke), White Rabbit (Jack), Season 6 - What Kate Does (Kate), The Substitute (Locke), Lighthouse (Jack)) is kind of ruining the season for me.

    It feels like the centrics are forced, I mean Kate's centric, what the heck was that about? Nothing to do with Kate on-island, and everything to do with Claire off-island. Season 5 flowed very nicely in terms of centrics, it was like passing on the torch episode after episode to establish a leadership role (e.g. Miles centric, who helps Daniel get off the submarine, who is now the centric character).

    I think it would be just better if they concentrate on the Season itself and not force centrics…

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