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Chapter 6: Jacob and US Navy SEALS

A top secret file titled “The Lost Island” was handed to the President of United States. Truman opened it and read a few lines. He frowned and asked his Secretary of the State, “Is this a joke, James?”

James F. Byrnes said, “No, Sir. It’s deadly serious. We have more than a thousand witnesses, including some Japanese POW. They all say the same thing: a mysterious island disappeared under the surrounding of our fleet, and somehow showed up in Japan Sea. It sent out a rocket and captured our first Hydrogen bomb. Then we lost the island again.”

“Those are the most ridiculous things I have ever heard in my entire life! How could they even possibly happen? Look at this, ‘A rocket flew quietly at estimated 5 times the speed of sound had impacted the plane without explosion...’ And here, ‘The bomb was floating in the mid-air with black smoke surrounding it.’ These things can only happen in a science fiction, not in the real life!”

“I understand how they sound like. Mr. President.” James said, “I wished they were all fake, but unfortunately evidences and witnesses point the other way, sir. And now we still have a Hydrogen bomb missing.”

“Ah, talking about the Hydrogen Bomb, you know what,” Truman said it with a temper, “because of the Navy’s incompetence to protect the plane. Now we have to destroy all the documents and evidence of that bomb, so that if this bomb was exploded somewhere in Soviet Union, we can denied it. It pushed back our schedule of making those bad boys for at least ten years. That’s just perfect!”

“I am sorry, Mr. President.” The Secretary of States said in a non-apologetic way, “But besides the Hydrogen Bomb, we have a much more important issue to handle.”

“And what kind of things could be more important than that bomb?”

“We have to find the island, Sir.”


September 23, 1954.

It was a beautiful blue sky day. Jacob caught a fish and ate it just like any other days.

He rested in a cave in the middle of a cliff. Staring at the ceiling, which was a big mess of names and crossing lines, he wondered this time which name he should erase.

Charles Widmore was a good candidate. He always had a plan, never gave up, and had earned the respect of all of his colleagues, but he was way too weak in front of Ellie. Sometimes he appeared to be such a clumsy guy with her presence, it was embarrassing. How could he be the leader of his men like that? He had to toughen him up.

At the same time, Ellie was also a remarkable woman. She’s very smart and perceptive. She noticed a lot of things before any other one did. She liked Charles but never showed any affection toward him. That was a good sign. It meant that she had a very strong mind. However, the army spirit was still in her blood. She sometimes would not show any mercy toward anyone who was in her way. That made him very uncomfortable. He didn’t want a killer to be the leader.

“So is that the only choice I have now?” he wondered, “A wimp or a killer? I got to use the lighthouse to find more candidates.”

Meanwhile, those two could make a perfect couple. He thought about it and smile, “I will let them be the co-leaders for now. In the future when new candidates come, I will ......”

“Morning.” Samuel showed up at the entrance of the cave and said.

His sudden appearance shocked Jacob a little bit. He was confused about what was about to happen, “Morning.”

“Mind if I join you?” Samuel asked.

Jacob: “Please. Want some fish?”

Samuel said like a rehearsal: “Thank you. I just ate.”

They both paused for a while, and then Samuel noticed the balance scale, “It is an interesting instrument.”

“Yes, it actually represents the balance of the power.”

“What kind of power?”

“Day and night, black and white, good and evil.”

“I take it you mean you and me.”

“Yes.” Jacob said.

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell the black from white, or maybe the white is actually black.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t waste more time on the topic. My friend, what can I help you today?” Jacob asked politely.

Samuel smiled a little, “A ship has arrived. I think you should take a look.”

That really surprised Jacob. He jumped up and rushed outside.

It was just off the shore. About only 1 mile away, a U.S. army battleship was anchored there like a cheetah stalking its prey.

Jacob became furious, “How did they find the island?”

Samuel replied, “You’ll have to ask them when they get here.”

Jacob stared at him, “I don’t have to ask. You brought them here. Still trying to kill me, aren’t you?”

“I am.”

“Are you out of your mind? They come; they fight and they destroy. It always ends badly.”

Samuel, “It only ends once (when you die). Anything that happens before that is just progress.”

The anger was out of the range of Jacob could control, “Do you have any idea how badly I wanna kill you too?”

Get a number and wait in line, Samuel smirked, “Of course.”

Jacob: “One of these days, sooner or later ... I am going to find a long con, my friend.”

Bluffing all you want, Samuel thought, “Well, when you do, find me in the jungle.”

Jacob disappeared.


The 18 members of elite U.S. Seals were all well trained. They sneaked onshore without anyone noticing, used radiation detectors to find the lost Hydrogen bomb. After securing it in a bamboo framework, they laid down a circle of small mines around it. Having confirmed the bomb was secured, they started to find the island dwellers.

They were too easy to find. The camps were just out in the open. The Navy Seals used long-range binoculars to survey their targets, and found out that they didn’t even have guns. All they got were only some knives and blades. They looked sharp but would be useless in front of automatic rifles. The islanders did have some military training, but their booby traps, scout parties, and obstacles seemed all but toys to those highly experienced special force soldiers.

Therefore, when the SEALs suddenly appeared and surrounded the islanders, they still had no idea what was happening. Well, at least they seemed to understand guns and bullets. Nobody had made a move. The SEALs were relaxed a little, because they didn’t really want to kill.

A muscular middle-age man appeared to be the leader of the SEALs. He spoke as loud as a lion, “Who is in charge here?”

Richard Alpert stepped out, “I am.”

“That’s good. Wait here.” The army leader said it while he opened an envelope, which had a top-secret seal on it. He took some flash cards out. The kind of cards that looked like the ones a high school student would use to prepare for his S.A.T.

Richard was confused. The army leader seemed surprised too. He then read the first card, “Did you move the island?”

“No.” Richard said. It was a ridiculous question.

“Ok, if the answer is ‘no’, proceed to card #4.” the soldier followed the instruction on the card faithfully, “You have waste your time, he is not the one in charge. You need to ask someone else.” His face turned red and yell at Richard, “Who the fuuck is in charge here? Answer me!”

“What is this? Is this some kind of sick joke?” Richard said with a bit of challenging.

“No, mother-fuucker. This is fuucking serious.” The officer replied, “The general would not just have given me a top-secret envelope just to fuucking mock you.” He pause a while, then said, “I spoke too much already. Now answer me, who is fuucking in charge here?”

“With all due respect, I am the one, officer.” Richard insisted.

“Don’t fuucking waste my time, or I will put a bullet in your skull right now, right away!”

“You can try to kill me, but you won’t succeed.” Richard smiled, “You have no idea what this place is.”

The army leader got angry, “Hey, pal. I don’t care who the fuuck you think you are. If you don’t give me something, I will really fuucking kill you. I never hesitated.”

“Then go ahead, what are you waiting for?”

The leader held up the gun, but he hesitated for the first time in his life, there was something strange happening here. Why this handsome young man looked so calm, like he was actually bullet-proof?

He pointed the gun to a boy next to Richard, and pulled the trigger.

PANG!! The gun fired and killed the boy instantly.

“Michael, Michael!!” Richard eyes wide opened. He bowed down and held Michael in his arms, “No, no, no, Michael. You shouldn’t die!” He had a very hard time believing it was true. Nothing should have happened to this young innocent boy. That’s the way it had been as long as he was on the island. Why now, all in a sudden, when they needed it the most, the blessing of Jacob was inconveniently lost?

“You made me fuucking kill the boy! You son of bitch!” the leader hit Richard so hard in the face, that Richard had a big bruise eye right away. “The next one is you. You understand? Mother-fuucker! All I want is a stupid simple answer. NOW ANSWER THE FREAKING QUESTION!!!”

Seeing the boy got killed and Richard got knocked down, the island dwellers had a small commotion. Ellie looked at Charles. Charles eyes turned left and right, telling her not to make a move. Ellie loosened the grip on her knife.

“Uh...” Richard was still dizzy from the hard blow, but now realized that he was mortal again, the fear of dying was suddenly overwhelming. He didn’t know how to handle it, “Uh... His name is Jacob... But ... But ... But I don’t know how to find him.”

“Now you are talking. I don’t care fuucking how! Now go and fuucking find him, god damn it!” the army leader cursed, “Or I will kill a hostage every hour, you fuucking got it?”

A calm voice suddenly emerged from behind, “My friend, there is no need to resort to violence so easily.”

Both of them turned their head quickly, and they saw Jacob. Richard obviously felt a lot of relief.

“Now who the hell are you?”

“My name is Jacob. It’s nice meeting you.” Jacob extended his hand.

The officer jumped back, pointed his gun to Richard and said, “Hey, fuucker. Don’t even think about playing fuucking tricks on me. I am a fuucking professional.”

“Yes, I know. No tricks.”

“Now answer me: Are you the freaking one who moved the island?”

“No, but I can answer the questions for him.”

It was astonishment to Richard. He never knew there had been another person above Jacob. He thought all the miracles happened before were all performed by Jacob. Only then he realized it was not true. Jacob didn’t tell him a lot of things.

The army leader looked at the cards, and finally said, “OK, I guess I have to take it as a ‘YES’. Now the next question is uh... uh... it’s a strange question, ‘will you destroy the Earth?’.”

“Of course not. That’s out of the question.” Jacob shook his head.

“Are you sure?” the leader had doubts, “To me, you don’t seem to really fuucking represent him.”

“If he wanted to destroy earth, he should have done it a very long time ago.”

The answer satisfied the army man, and he continued, “Now the next question is ... uh ... is ...” He looked utterly confused.

“What is it?”

The army leader checked the card for a second time, slowly, unwillingly, he asked, “Do you need more Hydrogen Bombs?”

“What?!” Jacob couldn’t believe his ears.

“If the answer is “What?!”, go back to card #4.” He said. Then he were in a rage again, “You son of bitch, you are not fuucking in charge either.”

Jacob showed a bitter smile. Now he started to get the hang of it. “There is someone else you can ask. He was the one who brought you here. He had all the answers you want.”

The army leader obviously lost all his patience, “That’s totally fuucking bullshit! We came here by the fuucking orders of US Navy, not by any one on this fuucking island. You are gonna fuucking pay for wasting so much of my fuucking time!” He raised the gun toward Jacob and pulled the trigger.

PANG!! The gun fired with a big bang, but the bullet stopped in the mid-air. Everyone was dazzled at the sight of a frozen bullet, which was still rotating at a high speed.

“You think you mortals can really kill me?” Jacob smile with a contempt, “Now you will all pay for it.”

The bullet flew backwards and killed the army leader. All soldiers jumped to the action, but they found their guns were all jammed. Charles, Ellie and the team of former Navy soldiers jumped on them with sharp knives and blades. The Seals’ rifles were completely useless against those well-trained blades. In 20 seconds, the battle was over. 18 bodies lied on the ground spilling massive amount of blood.

Jacob looked at the slaughtering without any pity, “Richard.”

“Yes, master.” Richard said it in a pious way.

“I wanted you to remember that: Bad guys never stood a chance in this island.” Jacob said, “You got that?”

“Yes, master.” Richard said humbly, then he asked, “But why the little boy ...” He didn’t dare to continue.

“Oh, the island is sleeping. That’s why.” Jacob said, “The monster knew it was asleep. That’s why he brought them here today.”

Ellie overheard the conversation, so she asked, “Why the monster wants to bring them here?”

“Isn’t that obvious to you? He wants to kill you all. That’s why.” Jacob said with a smile.

“When the island is going to wake up?”

“It will take months, sometimes years. I simply don’t know. Last time it took a year for him to wake up.” Jacob said, “But don’t worry. I will protect you during this period, like I always did. You will be safe.”

Ellie doubted, “So what you are saying is that we are not really protected during the sleeping. If something bad happens and you are not there, we can die just like the boy, right?”

That’s why Jacob didn’t like her. She was too smart and asked way too many questions, but in front of the whole group, he had to answer, “I couldn’t come here in time. I was distracted by the monster. I am partly responsible for the boy’s death, and I am sincerely sorry for that.”

Charles looked at Ellie with worry. He knew she had said enough, “OK, now everything is settled. We shall start to bury the bodies. Ellie, come here and help me take off their clothes.”

Ellie stared straight at Jacob’s eyes, then she gleamed at Charles with much softer eyes, then said, “Yes, Sir. I am coming.”

Richard was still worry, “Master. Now they are all dead, but there is still a battleship out there.”

“Nothing you need to worry about.” Jacob said, “I’ll handle it myself. You know, a monster like that seemed invincible, but a little accident with the ordinance will send them all away.” He smiled.

“Yes ... Sir.” A frightening chill went down Richard’s spine. Only at that time, he realized that the gentle polite master he had been serving for all those years were not that gentle at all. There was another side of him he didn’t even want to find out.

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