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Chapter 5: War and Jughead

At the same time, outside of the island, wars were raging. World War I and II combined had caused over 100 million casualties. They were the most deadly conflicts in the human history. The island experienced the whole atrocity from the beginning to the end. The brutality of the battles, the massacre of other races, and the total destructions from city to city were all extremely unbearable. He urged Jacob to do something about it. Jacob replied apathetically, “It’s not safe for me and my men to go out there now. There is nothing we can do. We will stay and wait until it’s over.” He asked Samuel for solutions. Samuel said, “Let me out of this island. I will kill all the military forces, and the world will be peaceful again.” Of course the island couldn’t allow him to do that. So all he could do was watching.

Watching innocent children got slaughtered, watching the cities being raped, and watching numerous people killing each other in cold blood like savages...

Over the 65 million years he had lived on earth. Never once he had felt so emotionally depressed. Millions upon millions of his favorite creation died violently in front of his own eyes. It was worse than killing him. It made his heart cold. All the Tisillium cores in the island became frozen gradually. Even the water fountain over his heart was turned into ice completely.

Very soon, the whole island could feel the unexplainable cold too. The sky was always cloudy and snowing. Creeks turned into icy roads; pools turned into ice rinks. Plants died in massive quantities. Animal bodies were everywhere. Every creature in the island suffered from the frigid weather, except some polar bears, which swam ashore and made themselves right at home.

The island was sick, seriously.

He couldn’t tell the time any more. All he felt was an uncontrollable arctic chilling; a penetrating cold that was formed by millions of dying souls. He tried his best not to feel, but there was no way avoiding it. The powerful sorrow emotions coming from millions of souls had gathered around, and filled every corner of the island. They were asking the same question over and over again:

“Why didn’t you help us? Why didn’t you stop the war? WHY? WHY? WHY?”

“I should have, but I didn’t. I am VERY VERY sorry!” the island could only give out a little feeble reply. Even though he was not actually causing the war, but he deeply regretted that he didn’t do anything. 4700 years ago he made a rule that he would not involve in human business in any way, but this time he felt that he should have broken this rule.

Aug 6, 1945. The island woke up in an extreme terror. He found his flows of energy were completely in chaos. He couldn’t move and couldn’t speak. All his normal functions were shutting down. What was the matter? He tried to search around but nothing came back. It seemed his remote sensor system was malfunctioning too.

Slowly he remembered the nightmare he just had. A blinding flash that covered the sky; a gigantic mushroom cloud, and 100,000 souls screamed at the same time...

He was in shock. In the last 100,000 years he had been regarding human race as nothing but little cute creatures which resembled his alien masters. Yes, he saw them fighting each other constantly, but it never bothered him like that. Those 2 global wars completely changed his perception of war. Never in his imaginations that those lovely two leg animals were capable of carrying out so many unthinkable atrocities. Now they became so powerful and merciless, that they finally committed this ultimate crime!

He couldn’t believe, and refuse to believe that, while he was sleeping, a populated city was completely wiped out in a blink of eyes. He kept telling himself that it was nothing but a nightmare, though his sensor system finally came back online and told him the otherwise. Then he kept telling himself that it was only an accident. A horrible error someone had made, but it was unintentional. It was a very small chance a disaster in that scale could be triggered by mistake, but since he didn’t know what exactly happened, it was still a possibility.


Three days later the nightmare came again. Only this time he was not sleeping.

There was no way for him to sleep after what happened anyway. The tragedy damaged him immensely. He was not even able to do any routine circuit check for three days. He was just staying there. The island’s camouflage system and time-space shield were all down. Anybody can see the island from 20 miles away.

An aircraft from a carrier reported the abnormality right away, “Colonel, I swear the island was not there 3 days ago... The island is huge, and it was covered in thick snow. I know it’s ridiculous, but it’s true. I swear to god...”

To the islanders, it was good to finally see the sun. One after another, they all came out of their caves and started to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine. It was an extremely long and difficult winter for them. Food and fur became scarce. Most of them had lost the faith. They talked about leaving the island every day. Jacob and Richard had a hard time keeping them in check. Now the sun finally came out, they were happy, but at the same time knew they needed to search for food immediately, before the sun was gone again. It was time to hunt some polar bears.

To their surprise, they saw a full fleet of Navy battleships just two miles away. The ships were so close that they could see the sailors, wearing short shirts, took out their binoculars and stared back at the island.

A boat of sailors paddled toward the beach. When they finally reached the icy shore, a young man jumped out and asked Richard Alpert, “What the hell is this place? Why it was all covered by snow and why are you all looked like cavemen? Ah....chew......”He sneezed loudly. He wore too little for the temperature.

Richard wanted to say you asked too many questions, but held it back, instead he extended his hand to him, “Richard Alpert, I am in charge here.”

The young man looked at him with suspicion and say, “Charles Widmore. Nice to meet you. Now please explain. My officers are waiting.”

Richard had a difficult look, “It’s a long story and very hard to explain...”

Charles held up his gun and pointed it at Richard, “Then I suggest you to say it in an easy and quick way.”

Richard smiled and said, “The fastest way is to pull the trigger.”

“What?” Charles thought he met a crazy hillbilly.

“Pull the trigger and you will understand.” Richard said. He raised his knife to Charles.

Charles was angry, “Alright, you asked for it, Sir.”

He aimed at his leg and pulled the trigger, the gun was stuck. No firing.

“Now you point to the ground and shoot.” Richard put back the knife and said.

The gun fired. The loud sound caused a ringing effect in everybody’s ears.

Charles looked at his gun in astonishment. He began to understand. It was really the fastest way.

The sailors onboard heard the gun fire. They got busy right away. In one minute, all the heavy guns were turned and pointed at the beach.

Richard said, “Now, if I say that you can fire all those guns at me, and I will not get hurt, will you believe me?”

Charles looked at him like seeing an alien. Richard was very calm, acting like all those hundreds of large caliber guns and cannons were just toys. Am I dreaming or what? He had a hard time believing it.

His military walkie-talkie rang. His superior officer asked in the phone, “Hey, son. What is going on there? Who opened the fire?”

Charles looked at Richard again, and saw him saying a word in silence, “LIE.” For an unknown reason, he followed it right away, “Uh, nothing, sir. It was a misfire.”

“OK, then. Did you find out what is happening there? Why the mountains are white?”

Charles looked at Richard again, he got the same silent word, “Lie.”

“Uh, nothing, sir. It’s nothing. Uh, it’s a setup for a big budget TV series called ‘Lost’, Uh, which is sponsored by ABC. They made this big snowy island scene. Sir.” Charles heart almost jumped out of his ribcage. He didn’t even know why he said such a big lie to the officer. Somehow it just felt like the right thing to do.

“Wow, that’s a really big budget TV Show! ABC really has loads of money! OK, now you tell me, son. How do they cover the whole mountain with snow?”

“Those are not snow, Sir. Uh... those are cotton. They bought tons and tons of cotton and cover the whole mountain. They look like snow from a distance, Sir.”

“God damn it! We got to give a medal to the one who came out with this idea! It looks just like snow from here. I am going to watch this show for sure. What was the name again?”

“Uh...” Charles forgot. Richard reminded him, “Lost, right, right! The name is ‘Lost’.”

“What a strange name for a TV show! Anyway it was easy to remember. Come back, son. We still have a war to fight. The Japs won’t wait for us.” The radio went silent.

Charles put down the walkie-talkie and realized what he just had done. He lied so many times to cover up for this island. He might be court-martialed for that. Why did he do that for? He was confused.

Richard looked at him with a smile. He said, “Now I think you could be a candidate.”

“Uh? Candidate for what?”

“You will see. You will come back to this island. I am sure of that.” Richard said.

Charles turned his head to the rest of his team, and said, “Anyone who say anything about it, I will personally make you suffer.”

“I can’t believe you just did that, Lieutenant!” a young girl in military uniform protested.

She looked more like a boy, but her voice was no doubt a female’s. She was only a private but she scolded Charles openly, “I know are sneaky, but I have never thought you could lie to your superior and want us all to be your accomplice…”

“Stop that, Ellie. It’s just ... uh, I just feel like it was the right thing to do.” Charles said in such a weak way he couldn’t believe it himself.

“That’s bullshit!” Ellie held the rifle up and pointed it to Charles, “Give me your walkie-talkie or I will shoot you.”

“Ellie...”Charles felt like he was a little boy in front of her.

Suddenly the ground started to shake. Thundering noises rose to a frightening level. All mountains started avalanching. An icy snow wall more than 20 floors high charged toward them at a scary speed. All the remaining trees fell down in front of the roaring snow wall like little toys hit a bulldozer. At that moment, it truly looked like the end of the world.

Ellie screamed. Charles jumped to her, held her with both of his arms and tried to cover her with a bear hug.

The enormous thundering snow wall rushed near and disappeared. It was all in a sudden deadly quiet.


The island was extremely angry! There were no word could describe his anger when he saw the second atomic bomb went off in Nagasaki, right under his watch. All the agonies of the 80,000 souls made him boiling hot. It was no more doubts that some merciless human beings purposely committed this crime. He was sick but the anger was so overwhelmed that he suddenly was fully awake and fully powered, like an atomic bomb was also exploded inside him. The whole island was shaking under his rage.

His sensors were all back online. In just a short moment, he found something that was even more hideous. How dare you keep committing crimes like this! He cursed. Someone has to stop you!

All the Tisillium cores were activated. He moved the island immediately, getting rid of all unnecessary burdens and being close to Japan. Looking around, he found what he was looking for. Then, PUFF, he disappeared.

He reappeared in front of Samuel, in the shape of the alien, with the crocodile head and only four toes.

Samuel was genuinely surprised by an alien popping out from nowhere. He felt the energy flow around and knew who that was, “Hello, old fool. Why do you look like this?”

“Cut the bullshit!” the island fumed, “I want you to do one thing for me.”

“I am flattered!” Samuel said, “Since when did you ask me for help?”

“Again, cut the bullshit! Or I will squash you like a bug.” The island warned him like a raging bull.

“Oh, sorry! What is it?” Samuel had never seen him being so angry. Only then he realized the island was deadly serious.

“Fly and stop a plane for me.” The island demanded, “Bring the plane here.”

“But how? I cannot leave the island, remember?” Samuel almost laughed.

“I lower the shield and give you some power, then you can.”

“Which plane should I stop? Do you have a picture?”

“You will know, now go!” the island kicked Samuel in the butt so hard, that he launched up like a rocket.

That was a truly powerful kick! Samuel suddenly found himself buzzing with power. A yellow light surrounded him. Whatever that is, the air opened by the light. So he didn’t feel any air blowing to his face. That must be a better way of flying, because traveling by this insane speed, he was afraid he will burn like a meteor.

In one minute, he saw the plane. It was a big B29 Superfortress. Samuel smiled and yelled, “Finally, you old fool!” He turned himself into smoke and charged forward.

Onboard of the B29, the captain was sweating uncontrollably. He knew his mission, but he couldn’t stop the nervousness. Have those Washington guys gone crazy? They already bombed Nagasaki today. Now they want me to drop this bomb in Tokyo. Tens of Millions more will die, and I will be forever responsible for it. He wiped his forehead and tried his best to appear calm.

Radar reported a small blur approaching. He looked at the radar and the blur already very close. What the hell...

Before he can finish this thinking, an overly loud thud appalled everyone onboard. The next thing they knew, they were all sucked out of the plane and started a 20,000 feet of free falling.


“Is this what you want?” Samuel held the atomic bomb up, and asked the island. The bomb was brand new with words “JugHead” on it. It was heavy but Samuel held it easily with one hand.

“I specifically asked you to bring the plane back. Now where is the plane?”

“I knew what you wanted, old alien.” Samuel spoke with a smile, “You just want to stop the bomb, right? Now I did it, where is my reward?”

“Where is the crew? Why do you have to kill them all?” the island was still angry.

“Sometimes I really don’t understand you. You let 100 million die, and now you care so much about that 8 men ...”

“Stop! No more talking!” the island suddenly felt a pinching pain, 100 million! It was so emotionally devastating that he had to stop for a while, and then he gathered himself and said, “Samuel. You did very well. Now tell me what you want. After this you can ask me for anything.”

Samuel had a little suspicion, “Even if I ask you to let me go?”

“I will let you go, if you promise me you won’t tell the secrets of the island, and you won’t massacre the people outside.” The island said.

“That’s interesting...” Samuel looked deep at his alien master who taught him everything he knew and gave him all the power, at the same time he was also the one who killed him and imprisoned him. Is he my family or my foe? He wondered. For some strange reason, he didn’t want to go just yet.

Finally he said, “You know actually just moments ago I could have just flown away with your power. I didn’t need to come back. And you will never see me again.”

“Yes, I know,” the island said, “but I also know that you are too proud to just run away like that. You want to earn the right so you can leave as a decent man. Am I right?”

“Ha, ha, ha ...” Samuel laughed aloud, “You really know me.”

“So now I am telling you that you have earned the right to leave this island already. All you need to do is to promise me not to tell the secret and not to kill the people out there. Then I will let you go.”

“That’s a nice trick!” Samuel said, “You know I am going to kill you. You are so afraid, so you asked me to do something, in order to kick me out. This way I will never be a thread to you, right?”

The island shook his head. He knew what Samuel was going to say.

“This con is very clever! You want to make me think I made the choice, but in fact you are the one who push me this way. Brilliant! It’s just too bad that I am smarter than you, old fool! I will not go. I will stay here, I’ll find a way to kill Jacob, and then I’ll find a way to kill you. Only then I will be really free.”

“If you kill me, you will become a mortal, do you know that?” the island said.

“Oh, I get it. You are really scared! Now you try to use another way to make me not wanting to kill you. Ha... Ha... Nobody can take my power away, not even you, alien!” Samuel laughed aloud, turned into smoke and flew away. The bomb dropped down to the ground and made a loud KONG sound. Fortunately, it didn’t go off.

The island let out a long sigh. He might have saved ten million people today, but he knew it was far not enough. Now what should he do with this bomb?

He inspected its internal parts. Found out that this thing is too primitive to be a thread to him. It won’t do any damage to any of the Tisilium cores. On the other hand, it can generate some power for him. So he moved a tiny piece of Tisillium into the bomb, and started to absorb the energy from it. In about one minute the Tisillium came out twice as big, and radiating yellow lights.

“Well, it’s good for another hundred years.” The island said. He carefully put the Tisillium back to the rock. The Tisillium merged with the rocks and disappeared.

For 2 million years, he couldn’t recharge on the Sun because he used up a required special element. Now the whole island’s Tisillium’s average power level were dangerously low. He was thinking, “Maybe I could get more of those hydrogen bombs to charge me, but now who will get them for me? Jacob will be useless. Samuel seemed very unlikely to do that again. I have to find someone else.”

On another thought, he was too old to keep living. He felt very tired and ached, a lot of things were already malfunctioning, and he did not want to keep suffering like this for another millennium.

Maybe I just let Samuel kill me. When the time comes, I let him lift up the stone plug, and I will have a quick death. The only problem is that I am too proud to ask his forgiveness, and beg him to kill me.

A light went up in the island’s mind. The idea was formed: maybe I just do it like he said. I’ll secretly push him to find a way to kill me, and make him think he is the one who’s making all the decisions, while in fact it is me who wants to get killed. Well, if I can pull this ultimate long con on him, I will be glad to die.

After making up his mind, he looked at the big bomb on the ground, which was already sucked out of most the energy and became a dud. “Just let Jacob handle it. It’s harmless anyway.” POP! He disappeared.


On the beach, everyone looked around with bewildered eyes. They were not sure they were standing in the same island anymore. The ice, the snow, and the tidal wave of avalanche all disappeared. The temperature suddenly jumped up at least 100 Fahrenheit. It was too cold before, now it was too hot. The island had only rocks and soil left. The dead trees and dead animals were all gone. It was like in a split second the island had taken off her winter clothes and now was hot and naked.

All the battleships were gone. Far away they can see a sky burning red, with a humongous mushroom cloud in the middle of the horizon.

A loud bang shook the ground. Everyone looked up at the sky. They saw a rocket with yellow light flew up to the horizon at an incredible speed. It disappeared in a short moment.

Ellie suddenly cried out, “Let me go, you idiot!”

Charles Widmore took his eyes off the horizon, then he realized that he was still hugging Ellie a little bit too tight. He let go and jumped back, “I am sorry, Ellie. I didn’t mean to...” Mean to what? He couldn’t complete the sentence.

Ellie smiled. She looked very lovely, like an angel. Charles opened his mouth in amazement.

“If you do that again, next time I am gonna kill you.” She said, still smiling.

Charles stopped his breathing. My lord! She looked so beautiful when she said that. He didn’t know what to do, and what to think, all he could do was staring at her.

Ellie nodded her head to the soldier next to Charles, “Cunningham, check Charles. He is in shock. Take care of him.” Then she announced to the rest of the soldiers, “Everyone, I will be in charge until Lt. Widmore recovers.”

She turned over to Richard and asked, “Let me ask you again. What exactly is this place?”

Richard replied, “You already know. This is an island that magical things happen at a regular basis. If you stay, I can promise you that all of you will stop aging for a few years. Your illness will be cured; your wound will heal. If you were disabled, you will walk again.”

“Do you think I was born yesterday?” Ellie doubted.

“Then think about what just happened.”

Ellie thought about it. She pointed the rifle at Richard’s head and pulled the trigger.

The rifle stuck.

Ellie said, “OK. I believe you.”

“Hi, everyone.” Suddenly a familiar sound rose up. She turned around and saw Jacob.

“Welcome to the island.” Jacob said it with a big smile.

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