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Chapter 3: Protectors of The Island.

Wandering around the endless Pacific Ocean, the island enjoyed his freedom tremendously. After 1000 years of being a slave, now he knew how precious freedom actually was. In order to stop anyone from getting close to his heart again, he activated a partial energy shield on the water fountain. Whoever tried to get close to it would be blasted into pieces by extremely strong electro-magnetic radiation for sure. It would shorten his remaining life, but at that time he would rather live free than be a slave.

Things were easy after that. Every island’s protector did his job. After trials and errors, they found out that the best way to have a good leader was training from the toddles. The protector would adopt a baby, carefully bring him up the right way, and make sure he would be a healthy man both physically and mentally. When the time is right, he would give him some special glowing yellow water to drink.

It was the water inside the energy shield. Only the island had access to it. That kind of water was extremely rare, only a protector could earn the right to drink it.

Each of the protectors had drunk that water and become almightily powerful. They always had the same question in mind. What would happen if I had drunk more? In one sip I became immortal, how about a gallon of those sacred water? What will I become? Luckily no one dared to try, except one, and we will know him later.

The energy shield around the fountain worked very well. Since then no living things was able to get close to his heart. The only down side was that since nobody would enter the cave, the water pool and the stone plug was still there. It was like a sword of Damocles, which was always hanging above his head.

He had the power of removing the whole water fountain, but there were some water reservoirs in the mountain on top of it. Moving the fountain might cause the whole mountain collapse, and the rock would be dipped inside water again. He tried to turn back into solid Tisillium form, but last time Imhotep’s sabotage had already caused half of his atoms malfunctioned, and those atoms were permanently attached to the rock. Therefore, his heart was literately trapped inside that broken rock.

He didn’t want to risk his life to remove the water fountain. Since the energy shield was protecting him, the island reasoned, it was good enough. There was no perfect solution.

The energy shield was so strong, that even the water passed by the fountain was proven to be magical too. It could heal wounds, grow things, lengthen lives, and most importantly, with enough quantity, it could bring back the dead. However, the villagers soon found out that the person the water brought back was not the original one anymore. Sometimes he or she possessed a completely different personality. The island was bewildered by this bizarre phenomenon. With a little research, he found out that some intelligent creatures such as humans had a unique possession called souls.

A soul is a kind of fleeting energy that goes in a womb and comes out of a tomb. It grows with human body, and in the end either returns to the earth or flies away to the sky. Millions of souls going up and down every day, merge with other souls, recycle and go back into a baby again, like the water cycle system on the earth (ocean -> cloud -> rain ->ocean). This soul recycling process fascinated him. He started to collect souls to do research on them. It turned out he was too enthusiastic about it. Soon his protector and other island dwellers started to complain hearing whispers in the jungle. The island didn’t care. He continued to collect souls, put them in the jungle and set up a little energy fence so they couldn’t escape. 

Before long his soul research had a major breakthrough: he could assemble a human shape that mimicking a soul’s original appearance. With the soul, the fake person was very real. You could see it, feel it, and hug it. It would act and talk exactly the same way as if it were the person alive.

He was so proud of this success that he wanted to make it a big show. One day, the villagers and the protector were astonished to see thousands of dead people standing in an open ground. It was a gift from the island to the villagers. He imagined that it would be a really touching scene: Daughters hugging her long gone fathers, sons talking to their lost mothers, husbands meeting wives, friends seeing friends… all the most emotional moments in dramas.

However, the villagers, including the protector, ran away screaming at their top of lungs and hid in the caves for months until they were able to step into open fields again. No one dared to return to the village. Rumors of zombie armies like the ones in “Lord of the Rings” made everyone nervous and jumpy.

The island felt very guilty for having scared them. To make them conquering their fears, he built a temple deep in the mountain. The temple was Cambodian style because that’s the majority race of the villagers at that time. Inside, the island made his own Egyptian carvings and opened a secret passage way, just like the old days when he helped building the pyramid. With all the stone deities guarding the temple, the villagers finally felt safe within their new homes, and the island learned another lesson about human nature:

They say they would do anything to see their dead relatives, but when they actually see them, they are too scared to bear it. So take it slow, let them see one dead person at a time.

As the soul research gained more progress, the island started to ask the protector to collection souls for him outside of the island, which the protector faithfully carried out. The protector would monitor the candidates’ lives, while at the same time collected the souls that they had (accidentally or purposely) killed. Doing it provide 2 benefits, one, the souls would be guaranteed fresh and untouched; two, those souls were powerful when used against a naughty candidate. The side effect was that, the noises of the jungle were getting unbearable. Sometimes it would drive a villager crazy.

With the new knowledge of human souls, the island finally fully understood humans. Since then the protector could just take a look at a candidate’s soul and decide whether to cross his name out or not, no more guessing work involved. Evil men liked Imhotep would have never stood a chance. The island felt at peace which he hadn’t felt for a long long time.

At the same time, there was a side effect. Since the island understood a lot more about human nature, he started to care about their souls. He would enjoy the company of a good gentle soul while hate the bad ones. He would kill a villager without warning by various “accidents”, simply because his soul turned dark, while at the same time he would do a lot to protect a pure and nice one.

Another thousand years passed.


Mary walked along the street. She saw a dirty old man lying on the ground with a terrible smell. She saw this kind of beggars every day in the city so she didn’t mind much, until she caught a sight of the bottle.

The bottle was transparent, made by something she had never seen before, and it was half-filled with glowing yellow-tinted water.

She observed the bottle carefully. It was not made of glass, but by something strange. It had some Roman words on it: “O – C –E –A ...” That was all she could tell. She knew a lot of Hebrew, but very little Roman.

The old man suddenly woke up. Hid the bottle inside his filthy clothes and yell to Mary, “What are you looking at? Go away!”

Mary said, “Please calm down, I just want to help you...”

“You got nothing I want, go away!!!”

“How about this?” Mary left a piece of loaf and went away.

The next day, Mary saw the same dirty old man standing and staring at her in the middle of the street. She felt intimidated, but she was kind enough to say hello to him.

“Food.” The man said. Mary gave him another loaf. This time he finished it in a minute. Mary never saw any one eat a whole loaf so fast.

“More.” The man said. Mary hesitated. She was bringing food for her fiancé, and she already gave him her dinner.

“More.” The man said again. He stared at Mary as if he was challenging her.

It was a long pause.

Finally, Mary said, “Come with me.”

In her fiancé’s house, Mary gave her future husband the food. Despite his strongest protest, she bathed the old man and put new clean clothes on him. Then she asked her fiancé money for some food. He was so mad that he almost hit her in the face, it was only because of a strange serenity of her made him stop the fist.

“Woman, are you crazy? You want me to give you money so you can take care of this filthy beggar? Who is he to you?”

“I don’t know him at all.” Mary replied.

“Then you are either stupid or crazy. You know that I can cancel the marriage for this, right?”

“I know.” Mary said, “He is a complete stranger to me, but I feel that this is the absolutely the right thing to do. Nothing else makes me feel so right. So I will get him food one way or the other. Will you help me or not?”


The old man was invited to the dinner. Not much to eat, just some fishes and wine. A grudging fiancé watched him with openly contempt. The old man seemed not noticing any of the strange mood at the table. He finished his fish, and handed Mary his bottle, “Drink it.”

It was a very dirty bottle with a disgusting smell, but Mary knew it was very precious to the old man. She asked, “Are you sure?”

“Nothing more in my long long life.” He replied with an unreadable smile.

The next day, Mary found herself pregnant ...


About 50 years passed.

The island was not so happy to finally make a woman his new protector. The previous one disappeared 50 years ago while searching for a new baby to kidnap. That damn old fool was too soft to take away someone else’s baby. The island should have known better. Now with the old one gone he got no candidates left. There were only a few rude rowdy Roman sailors and a lonely woman left in the island. He had no choice but to give the job to the woman. At least he knew she wouldn’t hesitate when grabbing somebody else’s baby. That woman had a wicked soul.

Then he saw the ship in the horizon, and the pregnant woman on it. Oh, she got such a beautiful pure mind! He knew it right away she was the one. Luck finally was on his side. It was fairly easy to get her to the island. The island moved close to the ship. The time-space shield raised a gigantic thunderstorm when contacting the ship, then vola, she was on a wood plank drifting toward the island. It couldn’t be easier.

The island wanted to make her the new protector. Under her care, her babies would become the best candidates ever. The island was smiling when the current protector argued, “She cannot be a protector now! She is pregnant. A protector needs to run around in the island. A pregnant woman cannot do that. Not without risking her babies’ lives. Let me take care of her now.”

The island thought about it, and agreed, “Alright, you can be the protector until the day she gave birth to the babies.”

It was a shame that a machine was still thinking like a machine, no matter how complicated he was. If he were a true alien, a true being with fresh and capable of real thinking, he would have killed the wicked woman right at the spot.

We all know what happened next. (If you don’t, I feel sorry for you. You have missed the best revealing episode of “Lost”.)

The island was in a fury when he saw Claudia was killed by his own protector. He couldn’t believe that the woman had conned him shamelessly, right under his nose. He knew she was with a bad soul but he had never expected the soul could be so dark. He was extremely mad, but he couldn’t do a thing. The two babies needed a woman to take care of them, and she was the only woman in the island at that time.

“One day you are going to pay for this. One of her sons will kill you, and there is nothing you can do to stop that.” The island cursed her in the worse way.

“I know.” The woman said, with a wicked smile, “Then I must make them feel love before that. When I was little, I always wanted to have a good mother. Now I can be one. Killing her is the best decision I ever made.”

The island burst with a flash that brighten the night sky. Some noses of Roman sailors started bleeding.

Years passed.

The island liked the second child more than Jacob. Jacob was always obedient and quiet. He followed everything his mother told him to do, which made the island dislike him more. The other one was smart and independent. “With a mother like that,” the island thought, “it’s good that the boy was a little rebellious.”

He named him Samuel, after one faithful protector of his. He had a high expectation of him.

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